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Exploring the ornate and provocative at NYCs Museum of Sex

Exploring the ornate and provocative at NYC’s Museum of Sex

Zoe Elyse September 4, 2022
Equal parts education, art and entertainment, the Museum of Sex draws attendees in with its playful advertising and taboo subject nature, with an interior that sparks thoughtful conversation about a wide range of topics.
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Lucretia Urrutia posing during the 2022 Sex and Relationships Photoshoot.  KAT PROCACCI/THE STATESMAN

The results are in: 2022 Sex and Relationships Survey

The Statesman got down and dirty with readers for the 2022 Sex and Relationships Special Issue. We asked students in an anonymous sex survey about everything and over 150 of you ripped off the covers and told us your secrets under the sheets.
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Official Tinder app. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hookup culture liberates us in more ways than one

Xenia Gonikberg March 21, 2021
#OPINION: Thanks to more relaxed attitudes toward sex and sexuality, "hook-up culture" - casual sex without emotional intimacy - has become more common among teens and young adults.
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The Weekly Wrap Up podcast logo. HANYA GAO/THE STATESMAN

Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 15

Juliana Slocum November 5, 2020
In this week's episode, News reports on the White House order against diversity training and SUNY's Thanksgiving COVID requirements. Opinions shares an op-ed on GP/NC options from Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Fotis Sotiropoulos.
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The official poster for HBOs final season of Girls PUBLIC DOMAIN

I hate-watched HBO’s “Girls” and you should too

Lajiere Blake April 8, 2020
"Girls" is meant to show us the duality and multitude of women — an ode to the real-life difficulties most young girls face. But how can the show claim to represent girls when so many of us were left out?
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Anat speaks at the Traumatic Brain Injury Symposium in the  Medical and Research Translation (MART) Building Auditorium on March 28, 2019. EMMA HARRIS/STATESMAN

SBU study finds that taking sex into account could change 20% of MCI diagnoses

Deidre Redhead December 7, 2019
Anat Biegon, a professor in the department of radiology at the Renaissance School of Medicine, co-wrote a study that found taking sex into account could change diagnoses for 20% of people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).
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Three models in the Sex and Relationships photoshoot in February 2019. Music played during sex can increase pleasure and connection according Elite Daily.  GARY GHAYRAT/THE STATESMAN

Sex Playlist

Gabby Pardo February 14, 2019
According to Elite Daily, music affects the pleasure system, bonding system and limbic system that processes emotions. Adding music to your intimate and consensual time can be a great method to get in the moment.
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Survey respondents by gender and sexual orientation. CREATED BY REBECCA LIEBSON

The results are in: 2019 Sex Survey

The Statesman February 11, 2019
For the first time in four years, we asked our readers to spill their guts and partake in an anonymous sex survey.
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Inclusivity: You have no excuse

Aleeza Kazmi February 11, 2019
I pitched the idea of dedicating the whole Sex & Relationships issue to POC sexuality.
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A typical beer pong set up at a college party. Many college students LAURA LAROSE/FLCIKR VIA CC BY 2.0

Girls just want to have fun without worrying about guys

Karina Gerry February 18, 2018
I have been told by guys that they wouldn’t hang out with me unless I got drunk with them, or that I could only go to a party if I took shots with them. It left me wondering why I wasn’t appealing to them unless I was wasted.
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When consent is blurred

Luis Ruiz Dominguez February 13, 2018
Am I a victim of sexual harassment? I don’t like to think so, but I do feel taken advantage of. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was young and immature. I still am, but I’m learning.
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A naked woman adorned with food MAHDIBAGHI90/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA CC BY-SA 4.0

Food for fun

Genie Ruzicka April 24, 2017
Sex and food can be combined to create a fun and exciting experience for all parties involved.
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