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Sex Playlist

Three models in the Sex and Relationships photoshoot in February. Music played during sex can increase pleasure and connection according Elite Daily. GARY GHAYRAT/THE STATESMAN

Having music play in the background of sex is common. According to Elite Daily, music affects the pleasure system, bonding system and limbic system that processes emotions. Adding music to your intimate and consensual time can be a great method to get in the moment. Spotify and Apple Music have a number of playlists made by users to “get it on.” Some of the best songs come from artists of color. Here are some songs to blast, or play quietly, while having that special moment.

1) Call out My Name – The Weeknd

The title reveals a kink common in sex. The song is slow and relaxed and talks about a relationship. But if you listen to the lyrics, it could sound super dirty, such as “close to me,” “I put it on top” and “gave me comfort.” The Weeknd then gets into calling out his name when he kisses her partner. The beat is also slow on this and the lyrics are sung smoothly. The song is executed and edited with such passion that it can be translated between the sheets and evoke some extra touching.

2) S&M – Rihanna

Rihanna constantly saying how she likes it can easily turn on anyone. She even mentions sex toys such as whips that “excite her.” The beat is very rhythmic and has a hard bass. It can trigger a more aggressive pace of sex and can even be fun with role play or kinks.

3) Wet Dreamz – J. Cole

The song is about two people losing their virginity. Both partners play it off as if they’d had sex before, but in the end, it’s revealed neither of them has. It tells a story of a young guy (J. Cole) and girl flirting in math class, as they make plans to hang out and hook up.  The whole topic of the song is sex and leads to a complex of having that intimate moment. The song builds the listener up to that nerve-wracking first time, slowing it down and detailing every moment, which can easily get anyone excited to reminisce.

4) And I – Ciara

Throwing it back to 2004, Ciara describes in her lyrics being with a man and how she would do anything to be with him. The lyrics describe the multiple feelings and emotions running through her mind when she is with him. She also describes her trust in him saying “he won’t break my heart.” This song seems good for an exclusive couple rather than a one night stand due to the lyrics explaining about being in love. The slow beat allows for soft touches and time to emotionally feel a connection besides just a physical one.

5) Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars

In 2016, Bruno Mars released what almost could be mistaken for a Boys to Men song. The song is slow and sets the scene for a romantic evening with a chandelier and taking time. Mars slowly sings about setting up for sex by “closing the door” and how his partner doesn’t need her dress anymore. The romantic words and slow beat allow a great, slow start to a frisky night.

6) Countdown – Beyonce

A fast-paced sex song can always be a great addition. Beyonce’s voice is passionate and smooth as silk. The beat starts off slow then gets faster as she’s counting down, hence the song title. Beyonce describes being sexy for her man and suggests “ladies if you love your man show him you’re the fliest.” The song is a confidence booster, especially for females.

7) Fallin’ – Alicia Keys

Lastly, flashing back to 2001, Alicia Keys sings about her mixed emotions in her relationship. The beat is slow, which, going with the trend of the other songs on this list, is great for sex. Keys has a smooth voice, and the variety of violins and other instruments accompanying her voice create a calm atmosphere. This comfortable feeling can be great, especially if you’re connecting with a new partner or having your first intimate experience.

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