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The soaring popularity of sci-fi in modern culture

Clare Gehlich, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor November 19, 2023
Due to renewed interest in cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) and increased Internet accessibility — which generates climate change awareness — the desire for escapism has impacted the rise of the science fiction (sci-fi) genre.
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The Helaman Ferguson Sculptor known as the Umbilic Torus in front of the Mathematics building at Stony Brook Univeristy

How Stony Brook University’s math department calculated their way to the top

Derek Zang November 19, 2023
Stony Brook’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) is ranked among the best applied mathematics programs in the nation. According to USA Today’s 2015 ranking, the department was named the third best in the country, with only Brown University and Harvard University ranking higher.
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A banner hung around all of Stony Brook campus stating the University is driving the New York Climate Change. BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Research conducted at Brookhaven National Laboratory plays key role in predicting climate change

Beth Gatto November 19, 2023
For the past 20 years, Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has been developing new tools for understanding and predicting the impacts of climate change. Stony Brook University manages BNL and has been listed as the single largest user of the laboratory’s facilities.
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Artificial intelligence makes its way into the music and film industries

Patrick Larkin November 19, 2023
This year, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the internet by storm and is now infiltrating the music and film industries. The sensational technology began with picture generators such as DALL-E mini.
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Stony Brook University campus at night right next to Melville library. ANGELINA LIVIGNI

‘Tis the season of seasonal depression

Sarah Chaudhry November 19, 2023
Seasonal depression, formally known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is one type of psychological mood disorder that is linked to depression. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, SAD is a mood disorder that mimics symptoms of depression, with triggers being shorter days and less daylight in the fall and winter.
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An AI generated artwork depicting a robot writing an article about artificial intelligence in the journalism. MACKENZIE YADDAW/THE STATESMAN

ChatGPT’s ‘reporting’ on the future of AI in journalism

ChatGPT and Viola Flowers November 19, 2023
Write me a 1,000 word news article about artificial intelligence in the journalism industry.
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A graphic depiciting mixed reviews on the online system used at schools around the world, Brightspace. ILLUSTRATED BY MACKENZIE YADDAW/THE STATESMAN

Brightspace: An easy-to-use option for simplified learning

Xingling Yu November 19, 2023
Among the many educational platforms, I see Brightspace as the better option for organizing and presenting course information compared to alternatives like Blackboard or Google Classroom. Even amidst faculty and student feedback, the recently implemented platform proves its worth.
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A graphic of a transmission tower on a world map with wifi icons. Refers to the technology of signal transmission that covers the world for people to have access to communication or access to the Internet. K ILLUSTRATOR PHOTO - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

How harmful is 5G really?

Samantha Rutt November 19, 2023
An innovation in connectivity, the fifth-generation mobile network (5G) has generated excitement and controversy in equal measure. While it promises faster internet speed and a more connected world, concerns have arisen regarding its potentially harmful effects on life as we know it. 
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A graphic showing a woman surrounded by clothing and accessories with circuit board elements. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

How AI can improve sustainability in fashion

Emily Chao November 19, 2023
Although there are many concerns over how artificial intelligence (AI) will encroach on the livelihood of arts and creativity, there are some areas in which implementing AI can be beneficial, such as in the creation of environmentally-sustainable decisions in the fashion industry for both consumers and producers. 
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An AI generated artwork depicting a fascist robot leader in front of an angry crowd of protestors. BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Can AI lead to the spread of fascist agendas?

Aloki Pandya November 19, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a prolific aspect of modern daily life, from AI learning tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly to embedded AI features in Google and Snapchat. As AI’s utilization becomes increasingly widespread, discussions should be held surrounding the implications of using such tools.
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A graphic showing a phone screen canceling the TikTok logo with the American flag in the background. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

There must be a complete ban on TikTok in the U.S.

Vinod Kripalani November 19, 2023
I have always firmly believed that ensuring the safety of American citizens and the national security of the United States surpasses individual liberties, and this is no different when it comes to my unwavering support for banning TikTok. 
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The inaugural class of the Chancellors Summer Research Excellence Fund which facilitated the Universitys Summer Opportunity for Academic Research (SOAR). PHOTO COURTESY OF STONY BROOK NEWS

Stony Brook introduces SOAR, a new research pilot program

Mariam Ismail November 19, 2023
Stony Brook University’s new pilot research program for underprivileged students, Summer Opportunity for Academic Research (SOAR), made its debut on May 30 and concluded on August 4. 
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