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An AI generated artwork depicting a robot writing an article about artificial intelligence in the journalism. MACKENZIE YADDAW/THE STATESMAN

ChatGPT’s ‘reporting’ on the future of AI in journalism

ChatGPT and Viola Flowers November 19, 2023
Write me a 1,000 word news article about artificial intelligence in the journalism industry.
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An AI generated artwork depicting a fascist robot leader in front of an angry crowd of protestors. BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Can AI lead to the spread of fascist agendas?

Aloki Pandya November 19, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a prolific aspect of modern daily life, from AI learning tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly to embedded AI features in Google and Snapchat. As AI’s utilization becomes increasingly widespread, discussions should be held surrounding the implications of using such tools.
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The inaugural class of the Chancellors Summer Research Excellence Fund which facilitated the Universitys Summer Opportunity for Academic Research (SOAR). PHOTO COURTESY OF STONY BROOK NEWS

Stony Brook introduces SOAR, a new research pilot program

Mariam Ismail November 19, 2023
Stony Brook University’s new pilot research program for underprivileged students, Summer Opportunity for Academic Research (SOAR), made its debut on May 30 and concluded on August 4. 
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The Humanities building on Stony Brook Universitys campus is home to the European Languages department, a program that has been cosolidated along with two others in lieu of budget cuts. NINA LIN/STATESMAN FILE

From the Archives: STEM to STEAM

Liam Noonan and Kelcie Eberharth April 15, 2023
High school graduates face a plethora of tough decisions when arriving at their chosen university. At the top of the list: what should I major in?
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“Worm lab” provides unique opportunities for undergraduate research

Matt Venezia March 9, 2023
The path to finding research experience at Stony Brook, especially without prior training, is often a difficult one for undergraduates. In 2015, Stony Brook professor Sharon Pochron hoped to change that with the "worm lab." Now, eight years later, her lab continues to have a positive impact on student growth.
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All Things STEM: The Value of Mentorships

All Things STEM: The Value of Mentorships

Namrata Singh January 12, 2023
In collaboration with Stony Brook University's iGem team, 'All Things STEM' is a limited-run series interested in giving students a foundational framework for everything in the study and research of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
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Looking back at the 2022 State of the University

Daniel Wu October 20, 2022
Stony Brook University President Maurie McInnis gave the annual State of the University speech at the Staller Center for Arts on Oct. 12 at 1 p.m. The auditorium was filled with nearly 1,000 attendees. Viewers could also watch the event from a livestream on Stony Brook’s website. 
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The 2022 iGEM team representing Stony Brook University. Competing in Paris, France, in the 2022 iGEM Competition, the teams work is focusing on deficiencies correlating to severe blood clots.  PHOTO COURTESY OF iGEM

Stony Brook’s 2022 iGEM team works to combat protein S deficiency

Ya Jing Chen July 29, 2022

Eleven Stony Brook undergraduate students are representing the university at the 2022 iGEM Competition for synthetic biology in Paris, France this October. iGEM (Internationally Genetically Engineered...

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A photo of music notes inside of a pill bottle.  MICHAEL VILLEGAS /  VIA FLICKR CC BY-SA 3.0

Promoting healing and compassion through music

Sydney Riddle October 17, 2021
While many people turn to traditional western medicine when sick or struggling with mental health challenges, the integration of music has long proven to help convey compassion and empathy to many facing health problems.
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Stony Brook University campus in the fall of 2019.  SARA RUBERG/STATESMAN FILE

To arts and humanities majors: we aren’t outnumbered

John Neri October 10, 2021
#OPINION: I do not think SBU is tough for arts and humanities majors in terms of STEM bias. I think we can network and fit in using our classes, clubs, apps or the internet.
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Alexandra Solowinska, a freshman at Stony Brook University, enters college with a goal of being a physician. Solowinska, a cancer survivor, now volunteers at the Stony Brook Medical Center, where she had her treatment as a toddler. (MICHAEL RUIZ / THE STATESMAN)

SBU advisor connects students to internships and research programs

Justin Lai September 19, 2021
Through her fall 2021 pre-professional advising workshops, Stony Brook University lecturer Alexandra Solowinska is connecting students to science, technology, engineering and math and pre-health internship and research opportunities.
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The logo for The Womens Network a network connecting women to each in many fields and industries. TWN opened a chapter on the Stony Brook Campus. PHOTO CREDIT: The Womens Network

The Women’s Network launches new chapter at Stony Brook University

Maria Lynders August 27, 2021
The Women’s Network, a national organization dedicated to connecting and supporting ambitious women, will launch a new chapter as a club at Stony Brook University this fall semester. 
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