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A graphic showcasing the different elements of Spotifys 2023 Wrapped theme. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ AND JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

It’s Spotify Wrapped season: let’s review its new categories

Patrick Larkin December 12, 2023
It is that magical time of year once again: a time of showing off your superior taste and judging the habits of your closest friends. It is Spotify Wrapped season. 
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The official Disney movie poster for Wish. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Disney’s “Wish” is quite possibly their worst picture yet

Patrick Larkin December 8, 2023
The 2023 Disney animated film “Wish” aimed to celebrate Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary with a story based on one of its main themes, wishing; instead, it is an amalgamation of everything wrong with the corporation.
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The official movie poster for Hulus new film Quiz Lady. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Quiz Lady” redefines star personas with heartfelt comedy

Patrick Larkin December 3, 2023
Director Jessica Yu’s 2023 film “Quiz Lady” achieves national success by subverting the established personas of its stars, allowing them to redefine their images in this heartfelt comedy.
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Artificial intelligence makes its way into the music and film industries

Patrick Larkin November 19, 2023
This year, artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the internet by storm and is now infiltrating the music and film industries. The sensational technology began with picture generators such as DALL-E mini.
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A graphic displaying the official movie post for Killers of the Flower Moon on a billboard. ILLUSTRATED BY JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

Dissecting the Osage Indian murders in Martin Scorsese’s latest film “Killers of the Flower Moon”

Patrick Larkin November 12, 2023
Four years after “The Irishman,” Martin Scorsese has returned with another sprawling three-and-a-half-hour true crime epic. Based on the historical novel of the same name, his new venture, “Killers of the Flower Moon,” tells the story of the Osage Indian murders.
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The official book cover of Rick Rodian

Beyond the Book Cover of “The Chalice of the Gods”: revisiting the Percy Jackson universe

Patrick Larkin October 21, 2023
When I heard there was going to be a new Percy Jackson book from Rick Riordan called “The Chalice of the Gods” coming out this year, I was ecstatic. After I finally read it this month, I absolutely loved it.
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Wes Anderson’s four new short films showcase his admirable directorial skills

Patrick Larkin October 15, 2023
New Wes Anderson short films were released daily on Netflix from Sept. 27 to Sept. 30. The films are adaptations of the Ronald Dahl stories “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar,” “The Swan,” “The Rat Catcher” and “Poison.”
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A Halloween graphic showing the films Coraline (top left), The Addams Family (middle) and Hocus Pocus (bottom left). ILLUSTRATED BY ANGELINA LIVIGNI/THE STATESMAN

10 not-so-scary Halloween movies to check out this October

Patrick Larkin October 9, 2023

It’s finally October, ushering in what we call “spooky season” — a time for pumpkin picking, Halloween, ghosts, spiders and, of course, horror movies. Every week it seems that there is a...

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The official movie poster for Bottoms. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Redefining teen tropes with a twist: ‘Bottoms’ and the art of R-rated comedy

Patrick Larkin September 14, 2023

This review contains spoilers. Premiering on Aug. 25, “Bottoms” provides incredible R-rated comedy — parodying classic high school comedies that came before, while still telling its own story. “Bottoms,”...

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The official poster of the 2023 film Blue Beetle. PUBLIC DOMAIN

A new era of superhero cinema: ‘Blue Beetle’ explores gentrification and superpowers

Patrick Larkin September 11, 2023
Premiering on Aug. 18, “Blue Beetle” takes the traditional superhero genre to a new level with humor and relatable character dynamics. “Blue Beetle” provides a classic superhero narrative featuring the first live-action Latino superhero.
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