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The outside of the White House before the election results. Joseph Biden is projected to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

History Club holds “After Trump” roundtable discussion

Tim Giorlando April 3, 2021
After the capital riots on Jan. 6, the history department is debating and discussing the outcomes of the Trump presidency and its impact on the American public. 
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Statement by Chinese Association at Stony Brook in response to violence toward Asian Americans.

Asian student organizations on campus are collaborating to fundraise and support the Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) organization in addressing hate crimes toward the Asian community.  PHOTO CREDIT: CHINESE ASSOCIATION AT STONY BROOK

Black and Asian Stony Brook students work to answer the question, “Are we allies?”

Amaya McDonald March 14, 2021
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, violence and blatant racism toward Asian people has skyrocketed. While people are becoming more aware of the issue, many are left wondering what can be done to support the Asian community.
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Black campus leaders discuss Black History Month at SBU

Black campus leaders discuss Black History Month at SBU

Amber Lewis February 23, 2021
Oreoluwa Adewale, president of the Stony Brook chapter of the NAACP, and Sarah Beckford, Black Student Union historian, discuss Black History Month at Stony Brook University and the Black Lives Matter movement.
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The Weekly Wrap Up podcast logo. HANYA GAO/THE STATESMAN

The Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 18: Black History Month Special Issue

Juliana Slocum February 20, 2021
Editors at The Statesman describe articles from the Black History Month special issue in this podcast from the Weekly Wrap Up.
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Oreoluwa speaking at the Black Lives Matter protest on Oct. 21, 2020 at Stony Brook University. RABIA GURSOY/THE STATESMAN

Campus NAACP chapter president focuses on supporting her Black peers

Maya Brown February 18, 2021
To Oreoluwa Adewale, Black Lives Matter is more than another hashtag or a movement. It is about being allowed to be Black without exception. 
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The fight for equality inspires champions of change in the sports community

The fight for equality inspires ‘champions of change’ in the sports community

Amaya McDonald February 16, 2021
Following the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer of 2020, athletes have become noticeably more vocal when it comes to addressing systematic and systemic racism in the United States.  
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Local residents of Freeport gathered on June 7, 2020 to march for the Black Lives Matter protests. MAYA BROWN/THE STATESMAN

Defund the police because society should reassess our values if Black lives really matter

Maya Brown February 16, 2021
#OPINION: Every time I see a blue lives matter flag wavering in the wake of a cruel Black death, my stomach begins to compress. I cannot help myself from tracing down the complicated, yet broken system that is law enforcement in this country.
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Mental health spelled out in Scrabble letters. PUBLIC DOMAIN

SBU panel delves into mental health barriers for the Black community

Niki Nassiri February 15, 2021
Stony Brook University’s School of Health Technology and Management hosted a panel discussing the stigmatization of mental illness in the Black community on Feb. 11. 
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“Does it surprise me? No”: Members of the SBU community comment on lack of Black memorialization

Steven Keehner February 13, 2021
Of Stony Brook University’s 64 named buildings and spaces, only four Black historical figures; Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, Jimi Hendrix, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman are memorialized, according to a list compiled by the university’s archivist.
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Official cover The Bigger Picture by Lil Baby. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Rap continues to empower and push discourse around race relations in America

Catalina Benavides February 13, 2021
Rap music today reflects the messages of both Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Rappers have used their platforms and lyrical talent to express to their audiences that the fight for equal rights for the Black community is not over. 
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Local residents of Freeport gathered on June 7 to march for the Black Lives Matter protests. MAYA BROWN/THE STATESMAN

“Black” or “African American?” Black Americans discuss the difference

Amaya McDonald January 21, 2021
The resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement has made non-Black Americans more aware of an ongoing discussion within the Black community regarding the use of the terms “Black” versus “African American.” 
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Vigil held on Staller Steps for Breonna Taylor and other victims of police violence

Sam Rowland November 14, 2020
“It’s not a fancy hashtag. It’s not a publicity stunt. This is not a call for attention,” Figeroux said. “This is a call for action, justice, and call for our basic rights and an end to police brutality.”
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