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The restaurant sign for Grandmothers Recipe lights up at night. Grandmothers Recipe is a homey Korean eatery that features the love woven into Korean cooking. JENNA ZAZA/THE STATESMAN

Four noteworthy pescatarian restaurants in Seoul

Jenna Zaza, Arts and Culture Editor April 10, 2024
To make your travel planning easier, here are some noteworthy pescatarian Seoul restaurants, some of which also have vegetarian dishes. 
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A close up view on the dish

A restaurant-quality chorizo and fennel mussels recipe you can make at home

Justin Lee April 5, 2024

Mussels are always front and center at the dinner table when my family dines at Italian restaurants. The plump and tender meat resting in flavorful broth is practically begging to be shucked from its...

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New York City-based chef and restaurateur Hooni Kim speaking to the lecture hall of students about his career experiences and the globalization of Korean cuisines. PHOTO COURTESY OF HEEJEONG SOHN

The Center for Korean Studies hosts Flavors of Innovation event with speaker chef Hooni Kim

Emily Chao, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor March 17, 2024

Advanced Senior Lecturer and Director of the Korean Studies program Heejeong Sohn greeted the audience at the Center for Korean Studies’ Flavors of Innovation event by welcoming New York City-based...

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An assortment of baos, or Chinese steamed buns, served at Bird & Bao. Bird & Bao is a small Asian-fusion restaurant located in downtown Patchogue. JUSTIN LEE/THE STATESMAN

Bird & Bao’s Asian-fusion cuisine doesn’t fail to delight

Justin Lee March 17, 2024
When amazing service combines with spectacular cuisine tucked in a delightful atmosphere, it’s enough to bring a tear to my eye. This trifecta is rare, but Bird & Bao excels in every aspect.
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Elevate your dessert game with the perfect vanilla jasmine ice cream recipe

Justin Lee February 18, 2024
A few spoonfuls of a sweet dessert make for the perfect finale of a great meal. That last bite of dinner can make or break an unforgettable experience, and desserts deserve just as much time and care as any main course.
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A stock image of fresh homemade banana bread on a table. FOMAA - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

A simple and delightful dairy-free banana bread recipe

Justin Lee February 11, 2024
There’s nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf of banana bread. The sweet, nutty aroma wafting through the air combined with a toothsome chew of pillowy softness is divine. For those with dietary restrictions, this one-bowl recipe is perfect, as the ingredients can be substituted without compromising flavor. 
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A graphic illustrating a computer in the kitchen with AI elements. ILLUSTRATED BY JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

It’s time to welcome AI in the kitchen and here’s how

Justin Lee January 28, 2024
The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, so why not welcome it into the kitchen? Softwares such as ChatGPT can do way more than cripple academic honesty. It can be a useful tool in the kitchen, offering insights and smoothing the cooking process.
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An assortment of canned fish and seafood. DULSITA - ADOBE.STOCK.COM

Don’t let labels fool you: this catch is way more delightful than its tinned home

Justin Lee December 23, 2023
Banished to the furthest corner of American grocery stores sits the humble can of tinned fish. Its reputation, undoubtedly, precedes itself. To some, it carries a sense of flavorful nostalgia. To others, it’s off-putting at best and vile at worst.
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A stock image of Yuzu caramel, a traditional Japanese sweet treat. ADOBE STOCK

Want to experiment with yuzu? Here’s a yuzu caramel recipe

Justin Lee October 24, 2023
We previously put a spotlight on yuzu as a stunning ingredient used by award-winning restaurants in New York City. This sweet, salty and tangy citrus fruit is like heaven on a spoon.  Its vivid tartness and bitterness deserves a spot in your kitchen at home.
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A graphic showing different ingredients to advance a meal. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

5 Ingredients found in NYC michelin-star restaurants that will blow you away

Justin Lee October 5, 2023
Fantastic foods always start with fantastic ingredients. Here are five high-quality products that the best restaurants in New York City are using to serve up award-winning dishes.
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Sweet Mama’s is pricey pitfall of taste and service

Justin Lee September 24, 2023

Few things are as comforting as a classic New York City diner breakfast. Stacks of steaming hot flapjacks drowned in maple syrup just warm the soul. This craving enthralled my mind when heading to...

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A graphic showing the top five cooking tools for every chef. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Top 5 cooking tools to take your skills to the next level

Justin Lee September 14, 2023
If you want to take your cooking skills to the next level, you have to get the perfect tools. Here is what a professional cook uses in their home kitchen.
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