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Team of Professional eSport Gamers Playing in Competitive MMORPG/ Strategy Video Game on a Cyber Games Tournament. LYNCCONF GAMES/FLICR VIA CC BY 2.0

Stony Brook creates new Wi-Fi network for gamers

Samantha Robinson September 26, 2018
Stony Brook has created a new Wi-Fi network designed specifically for gamers. WolfieNet-IoT, which was released at the start of the semester, has officially replaced the old WolfieNet-Open network.
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The Stony Brook housing at Dowling College in Brookhaven has a bad history of student satisfaction, including Wi-Fi problems, long bus rides and lack of food availability.

Stony Brook’s “Brokehaven” dorms are actually a paradise

Kate Valerio August 30, 2015
Students have told me about the less-than-adequate time they had, but from what they described, it actually sounds amazing.
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DoIT helps solve Dowling’s Wi-Fi problem

Kelly Saberi March 25, 2015
Stony Brook’s Division of Information Technology will be working with the IT department of Dowling College to fix network issues at the Brookhaven Residential Village.
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An anonymous Yakker spread a rumor that the Wendy’s in Roth Dining was closing.  (BASIL JOHN / THE STATESMAN)

What you missed this week on campus

The Statesman November 18, 2014
YikYak strikes again. This week, an anonymous Yakker spurted the rumor that the Wendy’s in Roth Dining was closing.
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The last BRV bus from SBU leaves at 10:30 p.m. during the week. (SIMON SHARP/THE STATESMAN)

Brookhaven Residential Village inconvenient for students

Jasmine Blennau September 23, 2014
It is the fifth week of the academic year and Stony Brook students living at Brookhaven Residential Village are lacking consistent Internet access and struggling to adapt to a strict bus schedule.
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7Bus to offer round-trip service to New York City daily

Simran Gupta December 1, 2013
Two weeks from now, in December 2013, the new luxury commuter bus service, 7Bus, will begin offering roundtrip service directly between Stony Brook University and New York City everyday. The 7Bus system, named after it’s starting fare of $7, is famous for sending its large, green carriers around Long Island after replacing BoltBus on July 1, 2013. Employees of 7Bus have been advertising their services in the Student Activities Center, handing out pamphlets and making announcements to inform students about this imminent transportation change in Stony Brook. According to a 7Bus employee I talked to, 7Bus took years to implement at Stony Brook University. Luckily, through the efforts of the 7Bus company and cooperation of Stony Brook administration officials, 7Bus is extending its reaches onto the Stony Brook campus. Now, emphasized in a David Letterman-style countdown, here are 7 main reasons to be excited about 7Bus coming to Stony Brook:
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Wireless internet in Javits improves considerably with new system

Kelly Frevele November 5, 2013
Students and faculty are less frustrated with wireless connections in Javits these days. Stony Brook’s Division of Information Technology heard the campus community’s complaints and, after reviewing survey results, implemented a new Wi-Fi system in the lecture building, thus saving many students and professors a lot of grief.
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Hoopla: The new arena and it’s financial impact

Caithlin Pena November 5, 2013
Stony Brook University is expecting a new addition in the form of a new athletic and entertainment facility in fall 2014. But Stony Brook Arena is not exactly new. According to a press release from May 2012, the university commenced a renovation of the 40,000 square foot arena. With a budget of $21.1 million, renovation began in June of 2012. According to the press release, the renovation “provides Stony Brook with a new opportunity to build relationships within the community.”
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