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SBU researchers use social media to study unhealthy drinking habits

Sam Rowland September 20, 2020
Stony Brook University researchers in psychology and computer science have received a $2.5 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to fund the development of potential new treatments for addiction.
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The Trump administration’s travel ban chooses Africans as their next target

Maya Brown February 23, 2020
[Trump's] ill-conceived notions about these countries is reflected in racist policies like the travel ban. The way he refers to them also demonstrates the little amount of respect he has for countries that may not be as developed as America.
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Annual Lunar New Year celebration at SBU canceled

Melissa Azofeifa February 13, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak — now called COVID-19 — is causing growing anxieties around the world, and cancellations of these important festivities are becoming a national trend.
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Why feminist education is important

Xenia Gonikberg October 21, 2019
The idea of feminism has been rooted in American history since the 1840s, with the Seneca Falls Convention paving the way for the concept of gender equality. Beginning in 2012, fourth-wave feminism has evolved due to more liberal beliefs.
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The Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan during her lecture in the Student Activities Center on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Her talk was part of the School of Journalism’s “My Life As” lecture series. GARY GHAYRAT/THE STATESMAN

Former NYT public editor weighs in on Trump media coverage

Mike Adams October 17, 2018
Since Trump became president, Sullivan said she is troubled by the frequency with which journalists covering the Trump White House publish anonymously-sourced stories, likening the thrill of an off-the-record exclusive to an addiction.
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Republican Presidential nominee Donald trump speaking at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. GAGE SKIDMORE VIA FLICR CC BY-SA 2.0

Trump isn’t the problem, toxic masculinity is

Genie Ruzicka October 10, 2016
This isn't a problem with Trump. This is a problem with the society that let Trump turn into Trump unchecked.
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Its looking like a bright (but distant) future for ol Mary Jane

It’s looking like a bright (but distant) future for ‘ol Mary Jane

Michael Kohut September 26, 2016
A thaw in policy and opinion towards decriminalization and medical usage means that, over time, pot could quietly become a non-issue.
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Expelled students at OU were dealt with accordingly

Tejen Shah March 31, 2015
The recent transgressions of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma has the entire nation second-guessing the future of American society.
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The Konig Kolumn: Vaccinate your kids; it is not a choice

The Konig Kolumn: Vaccinate your kids; it is not a choice

Joseph Konig February 5, 2015
If a childless college student can give better parenting advice than a father of four and the Governor of New Jersey, the Governor has some serious issues to get past.
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Cosby rightfully accused for the wrong reason

Joseph Konig November 20, 2014
In recent days, allegations of sexual assault targeted at Bill Cosby, America’s Father, have reemerged in the public consciousness.
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Carl Bernstein gives lecture on government for Presidential Lecture Series

Kelly Zegers November 19, 2013
As part of the Presidential Lecture series presented by Stony Brook President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, author and visiting professor Carl Bernstein offered his insight in a lecture called “Why Isn’t Our Government Working—And Can It?”
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Legendary Watergate journalist speaks at fiftieth lecture of series

Ryan Wolf October 16, 2013
Stony Brook students caught a glimpse into the past, present and future of the American press through the eyes of world-renowned journalist Carl Bernstein at the fiftieth “My Life As” presentation on Tuesday night.
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