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Local residents of Freeport gathered on June 7, 2020 to march for the Black Lives Matter protests. MAYA BROWN/THE STATESMAN

Defund the police because society should reassess our values if Black lives really matter

Maya Brown February 16, 2021
#OPINION: Every time I see a blue lives matter flag wavering in the wake of a cruel Black death, my stomach begins to compress. I cannot help myself from tracing down the complicated, yet broken system that is law enforcement in this country.
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Bloomberg Businessweek editor examines campfire stories and emotion in ‘My Life As’ lecture

Ross O'Keefe October 27, 2019
Joel Weber, journalist and editor of Bloomberg Businessweek, spoke as part of the “My Life As” speaker series on Monday, Oct. 23. Weber graduated from the University of Oregon in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in journalism with an emphasis in magazine journalism
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Activists at a rally on Feb. 23, 2019 in front of Trump Tower in New York protesting U.S. intervention in Venezula. Over 19 socio-political organizations joined the rally.  ANNA CORREA/THE STATESMAN

New Yorkers march for Venezuela’s sovereignty

Anna Correa February 25, 2019
On Saturday, Feb. 23, New Yorkers in over 19 socio-political and economic organizations rallied in front of Trump Tower on Wall Street in New York City to protest U.S. intervention in Venezuela and demand for national sovereignty.
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Award winning journalist Allan Sloan at a Senate hearing on taxation policy in 2014. Sloan spoke at the Charles B. Wang Center on Monday as part of the School of Journalisms My Life As... series. PHOTO COURTESY OF C-SPAN

Finance reporter Allan Sloan reveals his secrets for success

Daniel Gatta April 26, 2017
Award winning business and finance journalist Allan Sloan spoke at the Wang Center Monday night as a part of the School of Journalism’s “My Life As” speaker series.
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Planners, online and physical, are ways people keep track on their schedule and time. ARACELY JIMENEZ/THE STATESMAN

Gambling our time away

Saffi Hadi April 23, 2017
When choosing how to spend your time, the constraint on information is tight and you can’t minimize your losses, so I am sorry to inform you but you’re a gambler.
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Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has plans for debt-free college through what is called a  Robin Hood Tax. PHOTO CREDIT: PHIL ROEDER

The reality of the debt-free college dream

Zach Rowe November 17, 2015
Every Democratic nominee has a plan for some sort of debt-free college option. How can a student resist such an offer? It’s easier to resist than you think.
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Political science professor analyzes Democratic presidential debate

Christopher Cameron October 19, 2015
Leonie Huddy spoke on the issues concerning SBU students illustrated at the Democratic presidential debate on Oct. 13, 2015 and analyzed which candidates performed best.
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