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Don’t raise the corporate tax rate, rethink the power of big corporations

Matt Venezia January 31, 2021
President-Elect Joe Biden’s tax plan creates questions about his commitment to protecting the American worker and pushing back on corporate power over American lives.
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A picture of a pile of money. PICTURES OF MONEY/FLICKR VIA CC BY 2.0

Trump’s tax records are not surprising and won’t rock his voter base

Matt Venezia October 8, 2020
#OPINION The president blatantly lied to the American people for years about his taxes and tax returns, paying nearly $12,000 less than the average American in federal income taxes during the year he assumed the highest office in the United States.
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Sign in Santiago that translates to Its not over 30 pesos but for 30 years. The 30 pesos was the fare increase for the metro system that sparked the revolt, and the 30 years refers to 30 years of a post Pinochet neo-liberal regime. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC ZOLOV

Another letter from Santiago: A cataclysmic week in Chile

Eric Zolov October 27, 2019
"Ta-ta, ta, ta, ta." That's the beat of protest, heard at random on the streets. It grows louder as one approaches the center, and reverberates off apartment buildings in the evenings following the start of a curfew. A simple banging of a spoon on a pot: the symbol of a peaceful protest.
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Professor Stephanie Kelton  NOOR LONE/STATESMAN FILE

Presidential Lecture Series: Professor Stephanie Kelton debunks the national debt

Lisseth Aguilar October 17, 2018
Kelton described the debate over the national debt as a “bipartisan chorus,” since both parties in Washington agree that having such a high debt will produce dangerous economic consequences for future generations. Contrarily, she argues that deficits are necessary for economic growth.
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President Donald J. Trump speaking at the 2013 CPAC. GAGE SKIDMORE/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

A flat tax would hurt all graduate students

Bryan Carroll December 3, 2017
This weekend saw a blistering condemnation from the GSO and the USG in a joint statement that discussed the impact of tax reforms the affordability of higher education if this legislation gets signed by the President.
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A map of the Congressional Districts in downstate New York.KELVINSONG/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA CC0

New York’s 1st congressional district candidate talks tax reform

Luis Sanchez December 3, 2017
During his visit, Gershon repeatedly stated that the bill is not a tax cut for the middle class. “If you want a middle class tax cut, let’s have a middle class tax cut. But don’t pretend that a corporate giveaway is a middle class tax cut,” he said.
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Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a campaign rally in Fountain Hills on March 19, 2016 GAGE SKIDMORE/ FLICKR VIA CC BY SA 2.0

The party who cried wolf

Nick Zararis November 15, 2016
Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States. That’s a sentence I’d never thought I’d be typing in my lifetime.
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Vermont Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has plans for debt-free college through what is called a  Robin Hood Tax. PHOTO CREDIT: PHIL ROEDER

The reality of the debt-free college dream

Zach Rowe November 17, 2015
Every Democratic nominee has a plan for some sort of debt-free college option. How can a student resist such an offer? It’s easier to resist than you think.
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Debate 1: Team Obama

Keith Olsen October 8, 2012

  Well, that was surprising. Just when it seemed that his campaign had kicked the bucket, Romney lied his way into Frankenstein’s laboratory and brought it back to life with a great performance....

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