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A flier hung in a stairwell at Humanities. fewf CAMRON WANG/THE STATESMAN

Title IX: holding SBU accountable

Viola Flowers April 26, 2023
“Demand to hold SBU accountable. Title IX discrimination has become the norm on campus. Students are often left in the dark and silenced.”
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Students checking out tables at BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

“Woman, Life, Freedom”: IGSA celebrates Persian New Year and women’s history in Iran

Beth Gatto April 3, 2023
The Iranian Graduate Student Association (IGSA) collaborated with the Department of History to host an event chronicling the history of feminism in Iran and demonstrate support and solidarity for Iranian women. 
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Carl Lejuez and Frances Haugen at the Staller Center Photographed by Lori Saxena

2023 presidential lecture: A conversation with Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen

Lori Saxena January 29, 2023
Frances Haugen, an algorithmic expert and Facebook whistleblower, discussed misinformation and more issues during the first Stony Brook Presidential Lecture of 2023.
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Social media and the rising trend of authenticity

Social media and the rising trend of authenticity

Mackenzie Yaddaw November 21, 2022
In this audio story, host Mackenzie Yaddaw discusses the latest trends emphasizing authenticity in social media, especially on apps like TikTok and BeReal.
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BeReal sends out alerts when “it’s time to BeReal”, giving users a two-minute window to post before sending out a late notification. The app aims to give users an authentic social media experience.  Wikimedia Commons License

BeReal takes away the pressure of social media

Jennifer Ojilere October 30, 2022
#OPINION: Growing up in the age of social media sharing, today's generation is feeling immense pressure to portray picture-perfect lives. Now, the app BeReal is attempting to change all of that.
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An illustration featuring social media influencer Andrew Tate. TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Misogynistic YouTubers promote sexism to young men

Sara McGiff September 14, 2022
#OPINION: No content creator has had the influence and ability to incite outrage amongst the general public more than Andrew Tate. Tate’s removal from social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube has done little to deter his loyal fanbase.
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A graphic including actors Johnny Depp and Amber HeardILLUSTRATED BY TIM GIORLANDO. IMAGES PROVIDED BY GETTY IMAGES

Depp v. Heard confirms that society loves creating a court of public opinion

Benjamin Joffe June 26, 2022
This opinion isn’t about the Depp v. Heard trial. It’s about the endless coverage and what that can do to a court case.
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Travis Scotts Astroworld at Madison Square Garden.  GREGORY ZARB/THE STATESMAN FILES

How Astroworld turned into a “mass casualty event”

Skylar Sena November 14, 2021
On Friday, Nov. 5, at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, a crowd rush kickstarted a struggle that became a tragedy. In a crammed audience of around 50,000 attendees, momentum led to collapse, air loss and trampling, resulting in nine deaths.
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Stony Brook University campus in the fall of 2019.  SARA RUBERG/STATESMAN FILE

To arts and humanities majors: we aren’t outnumbered

John Neri October 10, 2021
#OPINION: I do not think SBU is tough for arts and humanities majors in terms of STEM bias. I think we can network and fit in using our classes, clubs, apps or the internet.
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Patrick Leyseele /FLICKR  VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

The real and dangerous impacts of AI, technology and media

Arya Roy September 12, 2021
#OPINIONS: With the advance of technologies such as artificial intelligence, we all must be careful of how it could be used and how it could endanger our own privacy.
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Official logos of social media companies. People have taken to social media in order to spread information in the form of threads. RABIA GURSOY/THE STATESMAN

The myth of cancel culture: Why racists have bestsellers

Benjamin Joffe April 3, 2021
#OPINION The cancel culture preached by right-wing press is a fallacy. When it comes to causing substantial consequences for those who abuse their high positions, social media outcry often has no significant effect.  
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Facebook needs to commit to its misinformation policies

Xenia Gonikberg March 28, 2021
#OPINION: The rise of misinformation on social media platforms has inspired an ongoing debate surrounding free speech protections, especially since many users turn to social media as an informational tool. 
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