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The exterior of the United States Capitol building. GARY BLAKELEY - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

The U.S. House of Representatives could decide who becomes president in 2024

Joseph Patti November 28, 2023
The top candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties — current President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and former President Donald J. Trump — are not in favorable positions despite leading in their respective primaries. Come election day, if no candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, the United States House of Representatives will elect the future president.
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The Helaman Ferguson Sculptor known as the Umbilic Torus in front of the Mathematics building at Stony Brook Univeristy

How Stony Brook University’s math department calculated their way to the top

Derek Zang November 19, 2023
Stony Brook’s Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) is ranked among the best applied mathematics programs in the nation. According to USA Today’s 2015 ranking, the department was named the third best in the country, with only Brown University and Harvard University ranking higher.
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A graphic depiciting mixed reviews on the online system used at schools around the world, Brightspace. ILLUSTRATED BY MACKENZIE YADDAW/THE STATESMAN

Brightspace: An easy-to-use option for simplified learning

Xingling Yu November 19, 2023
Among the many educational platforms, I see Brightspace as the better option for organizing and presenting course information compared to alternatives like Blackboard or Google Classroom. Even amidst faculty and student feedback, the recently implemented platform proves its worth.
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A graphic of a transmission tower on a world map with wifi icons. Refers to the technology of signal transmission that covers the world for people to have access to communication or access to the Internet. K ILLUSTRATOR PHOTO - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

How harmful is 5G really?

Samantha Rutt November 19, 2023
An innovation in connectivity, the fifth-generation mobile network (5G) has generated excitement and controversy in equal measure. While it promises faster internet speed and a more connected world, concerns have arisen regarding its potentially harmful effects on life as we know it. 
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A graphic showing a phone screen canceling the TikTok logo with the American flag in the background. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

There must be a complete ban on TikTok in the U.S.

Vinod Kripalani November 19, 2023
I have always firmly believed that ensuring the safety of American citizens and the national security of the United States surpasses individual liberties, and this is no different when it comes to my unwavering support for banning TikTok. 
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Preseason predictions from CAA soccer coaches tarnish Stony Brook’s fanbase

Alex Streinger October 29, 2023
The unpopularity of Stony Brook University's soccer programs could be irreversible, so long as the coaches from its conference make disastrous preseason predictions. Despite significant roster turnover in teams in both leagues, the preseason polls are eerily similar to the 2022 men’s and women’s final regular season standings.
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A graphic depicting Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Mitch McConnel. Many Americans are weighing the potential benefits and drawbacks of implementing age limits and competency tests for elected government officials. ILLUSTRATED BY MACKENZIE YADDAW/THE STATESMAN

Age limits and competency tests for elected officials are not democratic

Matthew Weir October 22, 2023
Discourse on social media platforms supports the rhetoric that the House of Representatives seems to be safe in the hands of younger politicians. A poll conducted by the Pew Research Center found that “only 3% of respondents said it’s best for a president to be in their 70s or older.”
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A graphic showing Chat GPT answering questions about Stony Brook University. ILLUSTRATED BY JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

The new form of plagiarism that is stumping professors: ChatGPT

Si Hui Zheng September 17, 2023
Some university scholars are concerned about the risk ChatGPT poses on students who are tempted to commit academic dishonesty, while others perceive its potential to transform the classroom and assist students with limited resources.
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Students protesting the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida Feb. 19, 2018. PUBLIC DOMAIN

We need bipartisan solutions to gun violence

Vinod Kripalani September 11, 2023
#OPINION: As a Republican, I would be lying if I didn't admit that my party has flawed reasons for supporting looser gun restrictions.
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Stony Brook University Varsity Band prepares for annual concert

Jenna Zaza April 13, 2023
Stony Brook University’s varsity band has been preparing for their fifth annual concert, which is scheduled for April 21, since the beginning of the semester.
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Our pursuit for connections

Our pursuit for connections

Sara McGiff March 26, 2023
#OPINION: Looking around the university classroom at my younger peers, I found myself mute. How does a person start a conversation? It was a heavy transaction: a line of dialogue for a connecting thread. 
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The outside of East Side Dining at night. KAT PROCACCI/THE STATESMAN

Students complain about campus dining food and services

Lori Saxena February 4, 2022
SBU students are expressing frustration about food quality on campus. Scores of students on social media sites such as Reddit, have been complaining about poor food quality, sanitation and hygiene issues and food poisoning.
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