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An AI generated artwork depicting a fascist robot leader in front of an angry crowd of protestors. BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Can AI lead to the spread of fascist agendas?

Aloki Pandya November 19, 2023
Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a prolific aspect of modern daily life, from AI learning tools like ChatGPT and Grammarly to embedded AI features in Google and Snapchat. As AI’s utilization becomes increasingly widespread, discussions should be held surrounding the implications of using such tools.
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Sam Cornetta and Morgan Tiller posing for the photoshoot. Lack of inclusive sex education hurts queer students. TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Lack of inclusive sex education is hurting queer students

Anya Marquardt March 21, 2023
#OPINION: I wasn't shown a condom in school until my senior year at a mandatory meeting for students attending prom. Yes, I knew what a condom was — but only from the internet.
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Turning Point protest at Stony Brook Univeristy on Sept. 12,2021.  TIM GIORLANDO/ THE STATESMAN

Students have conflicting views on political diversity at Stony Brook

Sky Crabtree February 19, 2023
At Stony Brook University, where over 17,000 undergraduate students attend what USA Today ranked as the ninth most diverse college in America, students with unpopular political perspectives feel they cannot openly voice their opinions. 
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Nostalgia: tricking our memories and media

Skylar Sena September 30, 2022
#OPINION: CM Punk’s berating of his colleagues and backstage political strife got me thinking — given his history of conflict and displeasure in his former company, why bring Punk back to the squared circle in the first place? The answer is simple: nostalgia.
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Turning Point protest at Stony Brook Univeristy on Sept. 12,2021.  TIM GIORLANDO/ THE STATESMAN

Petition to ban Turning Point USA unsuccessful, chapter is approved

Viola Flowers December 5, 2021
Turning Point USA has been officially recognized as an organization on campus, despite the Stony Brook Progressive Coalition’s online petition to bar the chapter from being recognized by the University.
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The United States Capitol Building. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

To go green, we must take smaller steps in legislation

Anya Marquardt April 24, 2021
#OPINION In order to address climate change, legislation must be passed. Even if we don’t agree with all the Green New Deal proposes, we can see it as a positive step toward solving one of the world’s most pressing problems.
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Burmese citizens stand with signs at a vigil in support of the government of Myanmar, opposing the military coup. MACAUPHOTOAGENCY/ UNSPLASH

Myanmar military coup cuts Burmese students in the U.S. off from their families

Rabia Gursoy March 21, 2021
The Myanmar military staged a coup d’etat on Feb. 1, bringing the country’s democracy to a halt and affecting citizens all around the world, including Burmese students studying in the U.S. 
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The outside of the White House before the election results. Joseph Biden is projected to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

It’s time to up the pressure on Biden: a reflection on his first month as president

Benjamin Joffe March 4, 2021
#OPINION Jan. 20, 2021 was a momentous day for millions of Americans. It marked the last day for an administration that had done unprecedented harm to communities around the United States.
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How Donald Trump’s impeachment lulled a false sense of accomplishment

Steven Keehner February 22, 2021
#OPINION Instead of critiquing the left and right, I’d like to address those celebrating Trump’s impeachment and the detachment from reality that continually gets swept under the rug.
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The outside of the Stony Brook University on-campus polling place on Nov. 3, 2020. The Center for Civic Justice helped register over 7,000 students to vote since 2018. RABIA GURSOY/THE STATESMAN

Young people need to maintain momentum after the 2020 elections

Anne Green February 20, 2021
#OPINION: The state of our nation depends upon the checks and balances that we hold our representatives to through democratic elections. We can decide to maintain the status quo or invite the next generation of leadership.
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A map of the United States of America. PUBLIC DOMAIN

After four years of division, we’re not that divided

Matt Venezia November 29, 2020
#OPINION After the past four years of division and then the 2020 presidential election, we have seen countless renditions of how the nation is divided between Republicans and Democrats.
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Republican Elephant and the Democrat Donkey icons. Stony Brook University’s Chemistry Department Nancy Goroff. Goroff alongside incumbent Lee Zeldin is on the ballot for the upcoming election.DONKEYHOTEY/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

Playing slow and steady wins the final presidential debate for Biden

Steven Keehner October 27, 2020
#OPINION It’s often said that time flies by when you’re having fun. Nothing has better proven this statement more than the 2020 Presidential Election, which has been miserable and never-ending.
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