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A graphic of a balance beam to represent balancing school and a personal life. GRAPHIC BY KAT PROCACCI

To incoming freshmen: Practice gratitude and balance in college

Sasha Kagan May 8, 2022
#OPINION: The best part of my first year in college was not the nightlife or the ideal relationships, but the acceptance of balance in my life. It was just as much coming to terms with my own individuality as it was meeting others.
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Cartoon showing alternative splicing resulting in protein isoforms. AGATHMAN/CC BY-SA 3.0

Gene splicing: Why the past should be left behind

Sonya Gugliara April 24, 2022

With scientific advancements occurring at an unprecedented rate, tasks that once seemed impossible are now in arms’ reach. One of these not-so-impossible goals is recreating extinct species through...

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A graphic of the earth for Earth Day 2022. GRAPHIC BY KAT PROCACCI

Earth Day: In honor of an abundant planet

Sasha Kagan April 24, 2022
#OPINION: The creation of Earth Day alone stands for a powerful cause. It speaks to the social unity and activism that work together to strengthen a sense of community and reform our actions for the greater good. 
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(From left to right): Aria Nayoung Kim, Sonya Gugliara, Joyce Chen, Nethmi Withanage at the beach. SONYA GUGLIARA

To find home, look to your heart

Sonya Gugliara April 21, 2022
#OPINION: It is of utmost significance to remind ourselves of the homes that we’ve had, the homes that we have grown out of, and the homes that we will cherish forever.
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Ukrainian tanks during an Anti-terrorist operation. Nuclear weapons has been a hot topic due to the conflict in Ukraine. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE OF UKRAINE/CC BY-SA 2.0

Ukraine should never have given up their nuclear arms

Michael Cleary April 20, 2022
#OPINION: Right now, the U.S. is showing the world that we will allow our enemies to do as they please as long as they have nuclear weapons, and will do nothing to protect our allies who don’t. 
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A map of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia starting on Feb. 24 2022. PUBLIC DOMAIN

As fighting in Ukraine continues, the impact of the war is felt abroad

Xenia Gonikberg March 29, 2022
#OPINION: As Putin’s crusade continues, thousands of lives are irrevocably changed and altered by his actions. Thus, Ukraine’s pleas should not fall on deaf ears.
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As self-taken photo of Sasha Kagan. SASHA KAGAN

Navigating my Jewish identity in Brooklyn

Sasha Kagan March 20, 2022
#OPINION: I loved the diversity of my school, but I was delighted to come home to something more familiar. Having a dual lifestyle and living on two ends of the spectrum gave me a taste of our world’s lovely cultures.
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Abbigail Stanley with her partner on a Zoom call during the 2022 Sex and Relationships Photoshoot. Stanley is currently in a long-distance relationship. SYDNEY RIDDLE/THE STATESMAN

How technology fuels long-distance love

Abbigail Stanley March 6, 2022
#OPINION: Long-distance relationships surround us. Many relationships wouldn't be able to withstand them without the resources available. Being able to see your partner’s face and be in their presence is such a comforting feeling when that’s all you have.
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The trans flag waves through the air. The fight for transgender and nonbinary equality continues strong after much legislative and social opposition.  FOREIGN AND COMMONWEALTH OFFICE VIA CC BY 2.0

As Texas attacks trans youth, solidarity remains vital

Christine Kelley March 6, 2022
#OPINION: Trans liberation movements are globally active. Our mere existence proves that Gov. Abbott is wrong. Come look for us. We aren’t going away anytime soon.
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Did the Olympics lose their ‘escape’ appeal?

Did the Olympics lose their ‘escape’ appeal?

Tim Giorlando March 6, 2022
#OPINION: It pains me to say it, but was I the only one who didn’t bother checking up on the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics this year? It’s almost sad, in a way; these recent scandals have torn apart the original purity of a sporting sensation. 
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Special exhibition in the Museum for European Cultures on fashion production. MEDEA7/CC BY-SA 3.0

Fast fashion: The trendy era of a debilitating planet

Sasha Kagan March 3, 2022
#OPINION: The fast fashion industry serves as an outlet for cheap and trendy clothing, seemingly an ideal resort, but one fostering many environmental hazards.
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An assortment of multicolored M&Ms.

What do M&M’s have to do with critical race theory?

Tim Giorlando February 16, 2022
#OPINION: The announcement drew little outcry, with Twitter mocking the controlled yet anxious orange M&M. No one cared — until Fox News mogul and broadcaster Tucker Carlson expressed sexual dissatisfaction with the new characters.
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