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Netflix’s exploited Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde”

Sydney Riddle October 1, 2022
There are many movies to watch this fall, but “Blonde” should not be one of them.
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Off the Record: Spotify versus Apple Music, and Hollywood Remakes

Off the Record: Spotify versus Apple Music, and Hollywood Remakes

Amaya McDonald and Melanie Navarro July 1, 2022
In Episode 2, hosts Amaya and Melanie discuss the timeless battle over Spotify and Apple Music. The hosts also get into a heated discussion over the Hollywood remake He's all That and Hollywood's infamous reputation of ruining classics. 
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A graphic for a playlist featuring well known songs from movies. Many of the songs become popular due to the movies they are shown in. CAMRON WANG/THE STATESMAN

The role of music in movies

Skylar Sena March 28, 2022
Music and movies will always intertwine. The intermingling of the two creates cinematic powerhouses, and propels each component far beyond the expectations of those in the writer’s room or in the movie theater.
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The official movie poster for Turning Red. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Turning Red”: Light, fluffy and packed with heart and depth

Ryan Baile March 26, 2022
The theme of "Turning Red" stands out as a timeless narrative that will live on as one of Pixar's greatest hits, and the film's sincere journey of self-discovery is an incredible joy to witness.
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Tania Thomas sitting on a stool during the 2022 Sex and Relationships Photoshoot on Mar. 6. XENIA GONIKBERG/THE STATESMAN

His and hers: The perspective behind the camera

Sydney Riddle March 7, 2022
The male and female gaze are two concepts that have been circulating in the media thanks to TikTok. More people are exploring these concepts in modern cinema and media. But what exactly are they and how are they different?
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The official movie poster for The Fallout. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“The Fallout” movie shows how Gen Z copes with trauma

Izabelle Dessi March 6, 2022
“The Fallout” gives a real performance that compares to no other. It’s the story behind why students are fighting for change and being forced to learn the new meaning of “safe.” 
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The movie poster for Valentines Day. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Top 10 films to steal your heart this Valentine’s Day

Izabelle Dessi February 14, 2022
There are so many movies that you could watch on this lovely Valentine's Day, so why not make it a whole marathon? Here are the top 10 movies that deserve a chance to win over your heart this Valentine’s Day.
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The poster for The Color Purple. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Cast revealed for upcoming musical film “The Color Purple”

Nicole Morett February 8, 2022
Today’s movie lovers can appreciate the chance to see history repeat itself, as Oprah Winfrey revealed the cast for the new musical film adaptation of “The Color Purple” on Feb. 4.
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The official movie poster for Eternals. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Eternals” was more like a sci-fi film than a superhero movie

Sydney Riddle November 15, 2021
The latest movie to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Eternals” was released on Nov. 5. This is Marvel’s most diverse cast featuring Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Angelina Jolie and many more.
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The Dune movie poster. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Dune” – sequels must flow

Jovher Tagangylyjov November 4, 2021
While the current market has been dominated by predictable action flicks and bland comic book movies, “Dune” represents something more slow-paced and thoughtful. It attempts to tackle grandiose ideas on a cosmic scale and does so at its own pace. 
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The official cover of Halloween Face Your Fate 2018.  PUBLIC DOMAIN

The return of Halloween: Death, taxes and the “final girl”

Karen Cochran October 31, 2021
Gone are the days of purity politics and sexual shaming. Now, men can thrust women into the arms of murderous sexual libertines with ease, stamping their obsession with women’s bodies onto a new era of sex positivity.
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13 Reasons Why official poster.  PUBLIC DOMAIN

Mental illness is misrepresented in the media; why it matters

Yaa Antwi October 17, 2021
“Euphoria,” “BoJack Horseman” and “Thirteen Reasons Why.” All these shows have one common theme — mental health issues. Whether it’s through dark humor or the life of a teenager, these shows depict the role mental health issues have in our lives. 
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