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A dorm room at Stony Brook University. A double room in Roosevelt Quad is 176 square feet, which means in a triple each person gets about 58.5 square feet of space. SYLWIA TUZINOWSKA/STATESMAN FILE

Being Tripled My First Semester was a Nightmare

Gabby Pardo February 13, 2018
A double room in my quad is 176 square feet. If you do the math, that’s about 58.7 square feet per person, aka the size of a large dog kennel.
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The freshman 17

Taylor Ha August 21, 2015
Taylor Ha writes that these tips made her first year of college intellectually stimulating, socially rewarding and overall one of the best times of her life.
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Seawolves show their spirit before Homecoming

Krysten Massa September 25, 2014
Stony Brook homecoming court got to show off their Seawolf spirit this past Tuesday night at the “Creative Explosion” in the SAC auditorium.
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You chose Stony Brook for a reason

Tejen Shah July 18, 2014
Hello freshman! You thought this day would never come, didn’t you? Well, it is here! You are finally in college, a place where all your academic dreams will come true.
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Freshman seminars only serve to inconvenience students

Jonathon Kline February 20, 2014
At Stony Brook University, it is required that all freshman students, in order to receive credit for their freshman seminar class, go to academic or social events sponsored by Stony Brook University and approved by whatever quad they were assigned to before the year started.
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Avoiding the ‘Freshman Fifteen’ dependent on strong self-determination

Emily Benson January 28, 2014
It is the horror we have all heard about, and the threat that hangs over the heads of all incoming college students: the 'Freshman Fifteen.' A myth that is as old as college itself, it claims that every student's first year at school will be greeted with a large gain in weight. But fear not, because despite what you have heard, the freshman fifteen is completely fictitious.
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Freshman assigned reading brings students together

Sophie Carr October 17, 2013
The term “freshman year” has the tendency to elicit the response of a sort of pained laugh. This occurs not only for current university students, but also for anyone who attended their first year of college. The phrase has become a subject of suppressed memory, and apparently, even hysteria. Because of this expression’s association with crippling discomfiture and inexperience, an entire year’s worth of recollection eventually becomes horrendously funny. If there were any appropriate motto to subscribe to when entering University, it would be to just laugh through the grief- nervous, restrained laughter.
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A call for parking equality

Diana Lopez October 1, 2013
As a new resident transfer student, I can confidently say that so far, it seems that I have made the right choice with this school. However, there is one situation that had me stressing out during the entire first week of classes that I thought might be worth sharing.
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Students find food and entertainment off-campus

Dahalia Ibrahim August 25, 2013
It is that time of year when first-year students are welcomed to Stony Brook University to—as the banners around campus say—begin this “incredible journey” in their academic careers.
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Your guide to first-year classes

Rolyne Joseph August 27, 2012
College students who have a deep curiosity and affection for learning new materials and concepts are welcome to take interesting and appealing D.E.C. courses, which are part of a Diversified Education Curriculum that allows students to develop knowledge and comprehension of study provided by their major during their first year at Stony Brook University.
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