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Travis Scotts Astroworld at Madison Square Garden.  GREGORY ZARB/THE STATESMAN FILES

How Astroworld turned into a “mass casualty event”

Skylar Sena November 14, 2021
On Friday, Nov. 5, at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in Houston, a crowd rush kickstarted a struggle that became a tragedy. In a crammed audience of around 50,000 attendees, momentum led to collapse, air loss and trampling, resulting in nine deaths.
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Undergraduate Student Government president-elect Shaheer Khan poses for a headshot. EMMA HARRIS/THE STATESMAN

USG President’s letter to the student body

Shaheer Khan April 4, 2020
"My Fellow Students, I hope this letter finds you and your loved ones in good health. It is safe to say that we are in uncharted territory; it is a confusing and challenging time for us all."
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The outside of the administration building after campus has shut down. RABIA GURSOY/THE STATESMAN

Stony Brook cancels all events through May 15

Brianne Ledda March 21, 2020
"Program advisors will be following up with their respective organizations individually to provide further support and answer organization specific questions.”
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Far Beyond signage in the Academic Mall.  EMMA HARRIS/THE STATESMAN

Student Engagement and Activities tries to recoup club financial losses

Alek Lewis March 17, 2020
Stony Brook Student Engagement and Activities is trying to mitigate the financial loss from events canceled by the coronavirus, according to an email sent to student e-board members by the Department of Student Engagement & Activities.
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Some members of the SBU English Pals club. COURTESY OF SBU ENGLISH PALS

SBU English Pal program fosters cross-cultural friendships

Maya Brown March 20, 2019
The Stony Brook English Pal, a program that matches international students with English speakers to provide them with a chance to meet, interact and practice their language skills, became an independent club this semester.
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Diversity has become the topic of conversation on college campuses across the United States in recent years. Stony Brook has a variety of affinity groups, two of which represent European culture.  WONDER WOMAN0731/FLICKR VIA CC-BY-2.0

Stony Brook students shouldn’t self-segregate

Maya Brown October 25, 2018
At first glance, the variety of ethnic backgrounds at Stony Brook University makes it seem like a diverse school, but I doubt if the students at SBU are actually mixing with one another.
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Dont complain. Talk.

Don’t complain. Talk.

Andrew Goldstein September 29, 2016
Compliment someone on their clothing. Ask someone for book recommendations. Offer free hugs. Invite someone to one of your club’s events.
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The freshman 17

Taylor Ha August 21, 2015
Taylor Ha writes that these tips made her first year of college intellectually stimulating, socially rewarding and overall one of the best times of her life.
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USG Executive Council platform statements: looking back at the year

USG Executive Council platform statements: looking back at the year

The Statesman April 19, 2015
The Statesman revisited last year’s platform statements to see if the Executive Council members were able to carry out the plans that were promised.
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Campus Briefing: revised summer budget passes after initial hiccups

Kelly Zegers June 12, 2014
The Undergraduate Student Government failed to pass a revised summer budget when it held an emergency senate meeting on Friday evening, June 6.
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School spirit must increase across entire SBU student body

Simran Gupta May 8, 2014
School spirit at Stony Brook University remains abysmally low, even with an array of social programs and events popping up here and there.
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There are precious few big events for students to attend each semester, and the fact that students will be forced to miss them due to class conflicts highlights the disconnect between the students and the university. (EZRA MARGONO / THE STATESMAN)

Students deserve a university they can actually enjoy

John Scalmandre April 3, 2014
I did not care much for the Kaku lectures simply due to my tendency to enjoy the social sciences, however I am finding myself overwhelmed with anticipation for Brookfest. That is why, upon finding out that some students who are in BIO 202 will be unable to attend Brookfest, I became outraged. Discovering that some students taking an Organic Chemistry midterm were unable to attend the Kaku lecture only furthered my anger.
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