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Sending a message and being ghosted  PHOTO COURTESY OF Claire Bracken

Fellow gays, let’s stop ghosting each other

Mike Gaisser August 29, 2021
#OPINION: It’s common knowledge that ghosting is common, especially in the gay dating world. However, it shouldn’t be normalized anymore. 
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Official Tinder app. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hookup culture liberates us in more ways than one

Xenia Gonikberg March 21, 2021
#OPINION: Thanks to more relaxed attitudes toward sex and sexuality, "hook-up culture" - casual sex without emotional intimacy - has become more common among teens and young adults.
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Facebook announced its intentions to provide an online dating service through its mobile app. MANJU SHIVACHARAN/STATESMAN FILE

Don’t want to date with Facebook

Andrew Goldstein May 2, 2018
Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is planning to offer an online dating service. Please don’t.
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Spray paint on a wall in Trastevere, Italy. Tinder has an estimated 50 million users every month with an average of 12 million matches per day. DENIS BOCQUET/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

Online dating is destroying our love lives

Gabby Pardo March 28, 2018
Humans are not objects. We have feelings and emotions. Whether male or female, we deserve to be approached in a proper and respectful way if someone is romantically interested in us.
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Shomer negia: Why I dont touch women

Shomer negia: Why I don’t touch women

Andrew Goldstein February 23, 2016
I am not arguing that people who brush against, hold or caress the gender of their affection are bad or evil. This is a standard I am holding myself to.
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Stony Brook University School of Medicines new three-year medical degree will accept a maximum of 15 students for its first year. LUIS RUIZ DOMINGUEZ/THE STATESMAN

Student finds transplant match on Tinder

Erika Stern February 17, 2016
For many, Tinder is a typical millennial dating app. But for two people who found a connection with each other on the app, it became much more than that.
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The numbers also give us a glimmer of hope: 66 percent of adults under the age of 30 say that they want to get married, so there is a future in love for us. Just not at the ripe-old age of 25.

With marriage, we now say “I do… but not yet”

Niveditha Obla June 7, 2015
We want that raise, we want that title and we want to know that we can stand on our two feet before we jump into some sort balancing act with another person.
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The Sexwolf: Can I has yo numba?

The Sexwolf: Can I has yo numba?

Kate Valerio April 14, 2015
I’ve conducted some research—which may not be up to Stony Brook research standards, but is interesting nonetheless—and asked some people if they had a go-to move.
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How to wow on the first date: creative first date ideas

Francesca Campione February 12, 2015

Why does it seem like first dates are limited to the same played out dinner and movie ordeals and are exclusively the product of meeting someone on Tinder these days?  As young, educated, vibrant...

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The single Seawolves’ guide to Valentine’s Day

Katarina Delgado February 11, 2015
Singles, it is time to hunker down and buckle up because Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching. This means Single’s Awareness Day or S.A.D. is also around the corner.
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10 reasons to break up with someone

10 reasons to break up with someone

Emily Benson February 10, 2015
Relationships: Everybody seems to want one…until they are actually in one.
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Tinder can lead to something beautiful

Emily Benson October 9, 2014
Finding a date used to mean having to dress up nicely and put on the ‘ol charm at a college party. Now, students standing in the SAC line for Doritos are swiping through countless hook-up options.
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