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The Statesmans Multimedia Section poses for a group shot at the Sex and Relationships photoshoot. MARISSA MCCANDLESS/THE STATESMAN

2024 Sex and Relationships photoshoot walk-through

Brittney Dietz and Stanley Zheng March 24, 2024

For this year’s Sex and Relationships Special Issue, The Statesman chose the theme “Healthy Relationships.” We had multiple models step in front of our cameras to show what their version of a healthy...

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Assistant Multimedia Editor Angelina Livigni and Sports writer Kevin Broderick poses for theSex and Relationships photoshoot. STANLEY ZHENG/THE STATESMAN

Love on campus: how Stony Brook students handle healthy relationships

Mariam Ismail March 24, 2024

Healthy relationships can come in many forms, whether platonic or romantic. From friendships to lovers, healthy relationships can look different for everyone depending on their own preferences and...

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The first three (from left to right) Natalia Wong, Kevin Dardzinski and Athena Wilkinson embracing Mackenzie Yaddaw. STANLEY ZHENG/THE STATESMAN

Education is a critical component of healthy relationships

Sonya Gugliara, News Editor March 24, 2024

The topic of what a healthy relationship entails will never cease to spark spirited debates, as many try to get to the bottom of what “healthy” truly means or looks like.  A quick Google search...

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The advisory board of Planned Parenthood Generation Act (PPGA) posing with -- at the Sex and Relationships photoshoot. STANLEY ZHENG/ THE STATESMAN

How SBU resources promote sexual health and well-being

Angelina Livigni March 24, 2024
While sex-centered events and initiatives are hosted to entertain students — or even cause a stir — they possess the additional benefit of educating young adults on how to have safe sex.
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TikTok-defined: A new generation of transactional relationships

Aisha Diomande March 24, 2024

Social media is influential in shaping adolescents' decision-making skills. With the rise of relationship gurus, teenagers' perceptions of love are morphing into unrealistic and hard-to-achieve standards....

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Kevin Dardzinski, Mackenzie Yaddaw and Natalia Wong (from left to right), embracing each other at the Sex and Relationships photoshoot. STANLEY ZHENG/THE STATESMAN

A faithful approach and guide to healthy relationships

Mariam Guirgis, Assistant News Editor March 24, 2024

College life is often described as a time for growth, independence and self-discovery, as well as a time for exploring relationships. But in the fast-paced world of higher education, relationships...

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An assortment of contraceptives such as Plan B and condoms provided by Planned Parenthood Generation Action BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Lack of sex education in GOP states puts students at risk

Sunjae Lee March 24, 2024
Although it may be a cliche, there is some truth to the trope 'it takes a village to raise a child' — whether it be through teachers, pediatricians, athletic coaches or politicians who create laws directly affecting youth.
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A graphic illustrating the results from The Statesmans Sex and Relationships survey. ILLUSTRATED BY ANGELINA LIVIGNI/THE STATESMAN

2024 Sex & Relationships survey results

As is the coveted tradition of your fine campus newspaper, The Statesman asked the Stony Brook University community to peel back the layers of their love lives for our annual Sex and Relationships...

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Artistic expression in post-Roe America: how creatives are taking a stand

Artistic expression in post-Roe America: how creatives are taking a stand

Olivia Erndl, Copy Chief March 24, 2024

  On June 24, 2022, the United States Supreme Court abandoned the almost 50-year precedent of the constitutional right to abortion with Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Two monumental...

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A graphic illustrating toxic characters from different TV shows such as Joe Goldberg, Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass, ILLUSTRATED BY COBY NUNBERG/THE STATESMAN

Love or manipulation? Glorifying toxic relationships in the media

Clare Gehlich, Assistant Arts and Culture Editor March 24, 2024
Film and television portrayals of toxic relationships take on many forms, ultimately shaping how people perceive romance and intimacy within their relationships.
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Skylar Sena recreates Olivia Rodrigos album Sour. ILLUSTRATED AND PHOTO BY STANLEY ZHENG/THE STATESMAN

Romantic relationships portrayed in music: a reenactment

Clare Gehlich and Emily Chao March 24, 2024
Love reaches every corner of our culture, especially the music industry. Throughout the years, artists have consistently released tracks centered on romantic relationships, exploring both toxic and healthy dynamics.
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