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BRObama shows amiability in social media clips: An analysis

“Having captured the youth vote for the past two elections, President Barack Obama is continuing to appeal to the college-age demographic through his collaboration with Buzzfeed.” ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION / TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE

Having captured the youth vote for the past two elections, President Barack Obama is continuing to appeal to the college age demographic through his collaboration with Buzzfeed. The video, “Things Everybody Does But Doesn’t Talk About, Featuring President Obama,” depicts us in the juvenile state we regress into when no one is around, giving us the opportunity for self-liberation from the social norms.

It was an exceptional privilege to watch our president share his own activities during his leisure time. In addition, it is an honor for me to analyze this video that features one of the most eminent figures of our time.

In the first clip, we see Obama’s broad smile in front of a posh mirror. His smile exemplifies hope for salutary change in domestic and foreign policies. Pay close attention to the mirror and you would probably question why it is grimy. There is one rational reason for this setup. It symbolizes our President’s diligence and indefatigable efforts being made for this nation. The second clip of him posing with his fist on his chin further gives the notion of the progress that has been made throughout his time in office.

As we get to the third clip, we can say that our leader has a great sense of humor and is quite flirty. I mean, who would want a lame and monotonic president? In clip four, Obama does “the wink and the tongue.” One might say he is making himself look foolish. On the other hand, being modern or staying current with trends is very crucial. This quality allures the youth. In addition to exhibiting majestic body language, we can also agree he has a sumptuous fashion taste, especially in the shades depicted in the fifth clip.

Obama clearly shows he is not an egocentric man through the clips in which he takes “selfies.” The selfie stick’s purpose is not only to get the person trying to take a selfie, but the environment around them as well. The greediness for one’s self image is what Obama is trying to denounce in this clip.

Furthermore, we observe the passionate dedication he has for the policies that will benefit the average American. In order to announce his plans, he practices his speech and tries to make it as clear as possible so every syllable of the month “February” is pronounced perfectly. It is a shame to see how many people actually condemn our President for the most absurd incidents. Even tripping and spilling coffee or not being able to dip a large oatmeal cookie into a glass of milk is now being blamed on Obama. Really? “Thanks Obama.”

Anyway, we witness the next clips that reveal Obama’s hobbies. During his spare time, Obama indulges in sketching his wife, Michelle, holding a basket of fruit grown in the backyard of the White House. This not only shows love for his wife, but his ability to hold his own work at a high standard. In addition, his fervor for basketball is depicted in the next scene. The quintessentially parabolic motion set by his left arm with the follow through accentuates how great of a basketball player he really is.

At the end of the day, Americans have to consider if Obama really deserves to be abhorred. The aforementioned rationalization should be sufficient enough to conclude that the two terms of Obama’s presidency were successful. So do not forget, “The deadline for signing up for health insurance is Febrooouary… Fevruery 15th. In many cases you can get health insurance for less than a $100 a month. Just go to to figure out how to sign up.”

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