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    The extremism in today’s GOP: And how it leaves no place for moderate conservatives

    When I watch the GOP candidates debate and listen to their statements I stop and try to think. “What world are these people from?” In their world, it is one where crowds cheer when a candidate is asked if a man should be allowed to die. This cheering was in referral to a hypothetical situation where a previously healthy man without health care cannot afford hospital care and faces death as a consequence. The crowd cheered for that man to die

    It is a world where crowds openly boo a gay soldier and then turn around and extoll the virtues of our armed forces and pledge support to veterans.

    It is a GOP where, if one looks up the history of its members in office, you can see that a majority of them “conveniently” missed being drafted into the Vietnam War through one coincidence or situation or another.

    They talk about putting poor children to work as janitors in schools and how President Obama’s healthcare plan is the biggest threat to American jobs right now without once explaining why.

    Even if the President’s health care plan is flawed or even a completely bad idea, they attack it on completely illogical levels and refuse to offer any solutions or constructive criticism. The GOP has a base that blindly  follows with puppet masters at the top, who live and breathe the motto of “lower taxes,” yet are very willing to let tax cuts for the middle class, like the payroll tax cut expire.

    Only under extreme pressure and because they would look like hypocrites did they agree to extend the tax breaks for the middle class. However, when it comes to the extremely rich and the capital gains tax it is completely unacceptable to them that these “job creators” should have to pay the same tax rates as ordinary Americans.

    Has anyone once ever stopped to think, and ask. “If these people are such great job creators and they enjoyed such low tax rates under President Bush then where the hell are the jobs?” Why do they pretend that the financial crisis is only as old as President Obama’s term in office and that he has “damaged” the country beyond belief?

    Presidential candidate Mitt Romney went to Michigan and promised to take care of the people ther,e and then he turned around and wrote an op-ed piece where he claimed that the best thing to do would be to let all the auto companies fail and go bankrupt.

    The government saved the auto companies; and in fact General Motors just posted the highest profits ever reported in the history of the company just two years after it was ready to declare bankruptcy. There was not a single peep from the GOP candidates on this success.

    The GOP of today is such an ultra right-wing form of its former self that if former Republican presidents like Dwight D Eisenhower tried to run in the race today, they would be chased off the stage as bleeding-heart liberal “socialists.”

    This insanity of the right wing GOP doesn’t serve any American. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum said a few days ago that President Barack Obama believes in a “phony theology” that isn’t based on the Bible. Disregarding the personal attack in that statement, has no one informed Rick Santorum that the United States is not a theocracy, Iran is a theocracy we are not.

    The GOP is losing its support among the population as more and more people begin to realize just how extreme its views are and that Americans are losing out on real conservative ideas. Ideas that stress common sense as well as taking care of the practical needs of the population

    There needs to be a conservative balance to liberal ideas in America. In the past these were level-headed and balanced alternatives to liberal politics; today, there is no moderate conservative view that a person can vote for.

    Moderate Republicans are stuck with a party full of law makers and candidates who have basically railroaded them off the political stage and taken over their party. It amazes me that the GOP has still survived as one party.

    I suspect the only thing keeping it together is the fact that the third party that would be formed would have a hard time winning anything.

    Moderate Republicans need to stop letting extremists run their party. They need to get out of their homes and cast their votes . The zealots of any extreme ideology will always be able to get their base out to vote, the only way that Republicans can return some sanity to their party is to get out there and vote.

    It is time for Republicans to start having this conversation, a real honest conversation about where their party is heading.

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