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Ukrainian tanks during an Anti-terrorist operation. Nuclear weapons has been a hot topic due to the conflict in Ukraine. MINISTRY OF DEFENSE OF UKRAINE/CC BY-SA 2.0

Ukraine should never have given up their nuclear arms

Michael Cleary April 20, 2022
#OPINION: Right now, the U.S. is showing the world that we will allow our enemies to do as they please as long as they have nuclear weapons, and will do nothing to protect our allies who don’t. 
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A map of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia starting on Feb. 24 2022. PUBLIC DOMAIN

As fighting in Ukraine continues, the impact of the war is felt abroad

Xenia Gonikberg March 29, 2022
#OPINION: As Putin’s crusade continues, thousands of lives are irrevocably changed and altered by his actions. Thus, Ukraine’s pleas should not fall on deaf ears.
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Pro-Ukraine Demonstration at Lafayette Square. JOHN BRIGHENTI/CC BY 2.0

Editorial: In good war coverage lies equal reporting

The Editorial Board March 11, 2022
Editorial: Let your voices be heard. It's simple to achieve change and improved coverage: it all starts with stories. A fundamental idea that can and will continue to bring people together.
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A map of the 2014 Ukrainian ethnic conflict.MONDOLKIRI1/CC BY-SA 3.0

Russia won’t invade Ukraine — for now

Saad Haroon February 16, 2022
#OPINION: The entire Western bloc, as well as the news media, is buzzing with rumors of an impending confrontation, with British officials putting troops on alert. Regardless of the rhetoric, Russia is unlikely to invade Ukraine in the near future.
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It’s our civic responsibility to do our part in containing COVID-19

Alek Lewis March 22, 2020
This is a war; people must recognize that this fight is only winnable as a community. Everybody has a common enemy and we, as citizens, must take the responsibility of the foot soldiers on the front lines.
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Sept. 11 had a bigger impact than you think

Mike Adams September 11, 2018
We need to recognize the common denominator of pain that day, wrought from the innocent in nearly every corner of the Earth, if we are ever to truly heal.
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A photo looking along the wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.TIM EVANSON/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

U.S. veterans recount their time in service at campus Veterans Day Ceremony

Taylor Ha November 11, 2017
More than 165 people paid their respects at the annual ceremony.
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President Donald Trump speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland back in 2013. GAGE SKIDMORE/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

Letter to the Editor: Why the United States Would Lose — Yes, Lose — A War With North Korea

Michael A. Barnhart November 8, 2017
There is something far faster, and ultimately far more lethal, than a nuclear-tipped missile. It is a bit of computer code designed to wreak instantaneous havoc with its target. It is cyber-warfare.
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Pulitzer-winning war correspondent talks Syria, covering conflicts

Mike Adams March 31, 2017
When asked what the United States could do to make a difference in Syria, Gutman pointed to the lessons of Afghanistan, stressing that the answer is far from simple.
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“Right to Die” bill illustrates the hypocrisy of pro-life movement

Skyler Gilbert October 12, 2015
The irony with the pro-life movement is that they only advocate for life before one is born and the time when one is in so much terminal pain that they’d prefer to be dead.
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