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Students walking outside of Stony Brook Universitys Student Activities Center (SAC).SARA RUBERG/ STATESMAN FILE

Lack of minor programs is a major problem at SBU

Xenia Gonikberg March 8, 2020
There aren’t enough options for students, plain and simple. We should be able to pursue what we want without having to declare these subjects as majors and adding the stress of wondering if they will fit in our already hectic schedules.
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Associate Director of Data Network Services Michael Ospitale attributes the Wi-Fi issues to increased traffic/connections caused by infected computers and a bug code in the system. (SARA SUPRIYATNO / THE STATESMAN)

The Onion Bagel: “The semester’s already going great, really…” students say

Mike Adams February 13, 2019
“I see demons in my textbooks and I lost my sense of taste,” Ludgate said. “I am not even close to fine."
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Students during an involvement fair. NINA LIN/STATESMAN FILE

Back-to-school advice from our editors to new students

Gabby Pardo September 2, 2018
Now that Labor Day has passed and the semester is really getting underway, my fellow editors and I thought it was a good time to share our hard-won experience on how to handle life at Stony Brook.
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A group of students studying. SARA SUPRIYATNO/STATESMAN FILE

Even during finals, your mental health is important

Andrew Goldstein April 26, 2018
I’ve been in a class where a student fainted during an exam.
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According to research, music has been proven to lessen stress and anxiety. LUIS RUIZ DOMINGUEZ/THE STATESMAN

We need some noise behind our study hours

Gabby Pardo April 22, 2018
Having music blaring through your headphones while in the library or Starbucks can benefit your emotions, productivity and memory in preparation for acing an exam and your courses in general.
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Some college students find balancing studying and socializing difficult. WOHANI/FLICKR CC BY 2.0

Balancing college with the 4:3 ratio

Amanda Niemann April 15, 2018
The 4:3 ratio says that the best way to do well in college and have fun at the same time is to devote four days a week to studying and homework, and the other three to socializing and going out with friends.
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Students taking their final exams.PUBLIC DOMAIN

Reschedule finals to reduce stress

Andrew Goldstein December 10, 2017
Of course it would be nice to get more reading days, but the purpose of finals week is to have full days to study and take tests anyway. More reading days wouldn’t help; better scheduling would.
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The Stony Brook Foundation,
 the Universitys main source of funding,

How to do well in college while really trying

Kevin Catalan September 10, 2017
There are droves of commentaries as to how you should do things as a freshman, from how you should schedule your classes to how you should arrange your very own lifestyle to achieve that coveted 4.0 GPA and become the best of the best.
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An alternative spring break

An alternative spring break

Andrew Goldstein April 19, 2017
Spring break is a week dedicated to freedom from the everyday life of college to take stock of where you are, reorganize yourself, have some fun and relaunch recharged for the remainder of the semester.
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The Tubman and Chavez residence halls opened this past academic year. While new facilities like these are constructed, Stony Brook Universitys other buildings continue to have maintenance issues with serious consequences.

Let them have study rooms

Andrew Goldstein February 12, 2017
Beyond the simple benefit of more places accessible to study, having learning areas in East or West Side Dining would de-cramp the library and other main study areas around campus.
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The freshman 17

Taylor Ha August 21, 2015
Taylor Ha writes that these tips made her first year of college intellectually stimulating, socially rewarding and overall one of the best times of her life.
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Snow storm still leaves disabled students stranded

Michael Kohut March 12, 2015
Four times, it was deemed too dangerous for students to attend classes. But for this wheelchair-bound Seawolf, it was too dangerous to attend class upwards of ten times.
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