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Sam Cornetta and Morgan Tiller posing for the photoshoot. Lack of inclusive sex education hurts queer students. TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Lack of inclusive sex education is hurting queer students

Anya Marquardt March 21, 2023
#OPINION: I wasn't shown a condom in school until my senior year at a mandatory meeting for students attending prom. Yes, I knew what a condom was — but only from the internet.
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The official poster for Call Me By Your Name. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Queer love is important to see on the big screen

Lajiere Blake March 21, 2021
#OPINION: Films about queer relationships are necessary, but representation is only a fraction of the work society must do. It’s important to ensure changes translate over to the real world and aren’t just relegated to a screen.
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The Weekly Wrap Up podcast logo. HANYA GAO/THE STATESMAN

Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 15

Juliana Slocum November 5, 2020
In this week's episode, News reports on the White House order against diversity training and SUNY's Thanksgiving COVID requirements. Opinions shares an op-ed on GP/NC options from Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Fotis Sotiropoulos.
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Students participating in the Inside the Box event. AMAYA McDONALD/THE STATESMAN

SBUs Center for Civic Justice Hosts Interactive Discussion “Thinking Inside the Box: The Truth Behind the Stereotypes”

Amaya McDonald February 28, 2020
To celebrate Black History Month and the contributions of black people in the U.S., Stony Brook University (SBU)’s Center for Civic Justice hosted an interactive discussion called “Thinking Inside the Box: The Truth Behind the Stereotypes,” on Feb. 17. The event discussed stereotypes and how they affect the way we view ourselves as well as others.
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Cancel culture needs to be canceled

Xenia Gonikberg December 2, 2019
Cancel culture has gone mainstream. When a person, famous or not, is called out on Twitter or other media platforms for mean or insensitive remarks they have made in the past, they get “canceled.”
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“Ignite The Student Leader in You,” a seven-hour diversity and inclusion conference on Saturday, Oct. 19 in the Student Activities Center. MAYA BROWM/THE STATESMAN

SBU hosts its first ever diversity and inclusion conference

Maya Brown October 21, 2019
Stony Brook University (SBU) hosted its first “Ignite The Student Leader in You,” a seven-hour diversity and inclusion conference on Saturday, Oct. 19 in the Student Activities Center.
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tony Brook student Layla Essaily on the back of fellow student Huntley Spencer. Twenty-seven percent of Hispanic newlyweds married someone of a different race, according to Pew Research. ALEEZA KAZMI/THE STATESMAN

I am not your “Spanish mami”

Gabby Pardo February 20, 2019
I feel comfortable with my white partners, but the question of whether a racial kink will slip out or their face will reek of disappointment if they don’t see massive curves carving out my body still lingers.
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Flags displayed during HispU.S. Army South proudly joins the rest of the nation in honoring Hispanic Heritage Month, which celebrates the rich cultural heritage of our largest linguistic and ethnic minority in a month-long tribute to Hispanic contributions. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Stop homogenizing the Hispanic community

Anna Correa September 30, 2018
Not all Hispanic people come from the same country, nor do we all share the same cultural traditions, but the over-stereotyping and fetishizing of Hispanic people has become a norm in American culture.
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Hispanic Staten Island resident Gabby Pardo in front of a mural. The Hispanic population on Staten Island is about one quarter of the white population.

I’m proud to be a white Hispanic from Staten Island

Gabby Pardo February 25, 2018
When I tell people about my background, they’re either shocked, nod my statement off or don’t believe me.
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Speech Language Pathology (SLP) is  ERIC SCHMID/STATESMAN FILE

Yas or no to linguistic cultural appropriation

Andrew Goldstein September 11, 2016
Unless this kind of derogatory intent is evident, I have a hard time seeing the dissemination of culture as inherently negative.
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Independents should pick a point on the political spectrum

Jasmine Blennau December 13, 2014
Identifying as a political independent is a way for people to avoid voicing opinions—they are not obligated to do or say anything when a political discussion between friends becomes an all out debate.
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LGBT conservative LaSalvia urges change for Republican party

Jasmine Blennau November 21, 2013
Introduced as the brave and persistent man who could “save the Republican party from itself,” openly gay conservative Jimmy LaSalvia spoke to students on Wednesday night about the future of his party. He called for a new conservative coalition of youth to take over with conservative ideals using a “live and let live” ideology.
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