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A graphic showing Chat GPT answering questions about Stony Brook University. ILLUSTRATED BY JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

The new form of plagiarism that is stumping professors: ChatGPT

Si Hui Zheng September 17, 2023
Some university scholars are concerned about the risk ChatGPT poses on students who are tempted to commit academic dishonesty, while others perceive its potential to transform the classroom and assist students with limited resources.
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Judi Brown Clark

Students’ statements reveal a lack of Black representation amongst professors at Stony Brook

Raymond Wilson March 1, 2022
The Statesman’s arts and culture editor, Amaya McDonald, hit the streets to survey students on how many Black professors they’ve had during their time at Stony Brook.
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Zoom is a video chat service many Stony Brook University students are using to learn remotely. Inappropriate content has interrupted class meetings during the first week learning remotely.SCREENSHOT OF ZOOM HOMEPAGE

‘Professor? Can you hear me?’: Universities adapt to online learning

Brianne Ledda April 13, 2020
"Zoomiversity" — an SBU-student run Instagram account — documents student antics during online classes and demonstrates some of the unique circumstances that have come with moving most of the country’s universities online.
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Stony Brook University students at graduation in 2010. Stony Brook students graduate May 24, 2019. STATESMAN FILE

The Onion Bagel: Congratulations graduates, get ready for the real world

Aaron San Jose May 5, 2019
Congrats Class of 2019, you’re done. The nightmares have stopped, you can sleep again.
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A room in Javits Lecture Hall . EZRA MARGONO/STATESMAN FILE

Professors are people too

Andrew Goldstein April 22, 2018
Recognizing that our professors are human makes them more approachable and reasonable.
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Say my name correctly

Samiha Ahmed March 4, 2018
Professors breeze through all the “American” sounding names during attendance, but when they sigh or wait a moment or two before moving to the next name, I know they are going to screw up.
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Easing Stony Brooks grade petitioning process

Easing Stony Brook’s grade petitioning process

Zach Rowe November 27, 2016
Our petition process specifically excludes changing an individual grade, referring instead to the Academic Judiciary’s grievance process
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The Princeton Reviews professors ranking lacked important context

The Princeton Review’s professors ranking lacked important context

Jager Robinson October 16, 2016
College rankings suck. They suck for the university, they suck for the students, they just make you feel miserable.
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In the next five years, there will be an increase in tuition for all four State University of New York (SUNY) research universities, including Stony Brook University, by 30%.

Stony Brook faculty ranked fifth worst professors by Princeton Review

Justine Josue October 11, 2016
Stony Brook University prides itself on high rankings, but in some cases, being high up on a list may not be something to brag about.
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Confessions of a professor who only cares about research

Sophie Carr February 13, 2014
The commencement of a new semester is always an exciting time of year. It is interesting to meet fascinated students, most of whom are all determined to continue their field of study through the sciences. Yet, what proves to be even more fascinating is just how susceptible they are to flunking.
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Course evaluations and why they are useless

Paul Grindle November 25, 2013
I hate everything about Stony Brook University. You can be sure I will complain to all of my friends incessantly about it, whether it’s whining on Facebook or reminding them “I hate this school” every time they mention the name Stony Brook in conversation. So when the university offers me the opportunity to anonymously tell my professors exactly what I think they did wrong so that the school can improve, what do I do?
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Students get more control with ss

Sarah Elsesser September 10, 2012

Professors, advisers and university officials often encourage students to balance their course loads by enrolling in classes that interest them and enrolling in rigorous classes outside of their subject...

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