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How neocolonialism is killing our planet

How neocolonialism is killing our planet

Benjamin Joffe April 23, 2021
#OPINION Corporations and governments across the world are pushing the Earth deeper into the global climate crisis, and immediate action must be made to combat this.
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Poster for The Interpreters. PUBLIC DOMAIN

A conversation with composer Simon Taufique on “The Interpreters”

Melissa Azofeifa November 10, 2019
"The Interpreters” is a documentary that follows the lives of three interpreters in Afghanistan and Iraq. Phillip Morris, Malik and Mujtaba represent over 50,000 local interpreters who helped U.S. soldiers on the ground communicate with locals and gather intel.
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Sept. 11 had a bigger impact than you think

Mike Adams September 11, 2018
We need to recognize the common denominator of pain that day, wrought from the innocent in nearly every corner of the Earth, if we are ever to truly heal.
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A photo looking along the wall of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.TIM EVANSON/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

U.S. veterans recount their time in service at campus Veterans Day Ceremony

Taylor Ha November 11, 2017
More than 165 people paid their respects at the annual ceremony.
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Pulitzer-winning war correspondent talks Syria, covering conflicts

Mike Adams March 31, 2017
When asked what the United States could do to make a difference in Syria, Gutman pointed to the lessons of Afghanistan, stressing that the answer is far from simple.
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Stony Brook University students attend the March for Unity at the SAC Plaza on Feb. 1. ANNA CORREA/THE STATESMAN

University Senate passes resolution aimed at protecting immigrants on campus

Desiree D'Iorio February 12, 2017
The University Senate passed a resolution on Feb. 6 calling on Stony Brook University’s administration to adopt several policies aimed at protecting university community members who are undocumented immigrants.
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The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Office in Dec. 2012. GULBENK/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA CC BY SA 3.0

Immigration lawyers educate students on Muslim travel ban

Jill Ryan February 2, 2017
The State Department has stated visas from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen will be revoked.
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President Donald Trump signs Executive Order 13796 on Jan. 27. The order, commonly referred to as an immigration ban bars people from seven countries to enter the United States. PHOTO CREDIT: PUBLIC DOMAIN

Letter to the Editor: Immigration order opposes American values

Jonathan Harrington February 2, 2017
America stands to lose more than our alliances, reputation, or international influence. We stand to lose our national soul.
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President Samuel L. Stanley at the 2016 State of the University address. Wednesday he hosted a town hall meeting about diversity. JERROD WHITE/STATESMAN FILE

More support for diversity

Andrew Goldstein January 29, 2017
Stony Brook has taken too long to issue a statement about President Trump's travel ban and the detention of a student.
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A view of the TWA Flight Center building at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. PHEEZY/FLICKR VIA CC BY 2.0

GSO president reportedly detained at JFK under travel ban

Mahreen Khan January 29, 2017
Stony Brook graduate student and GSO President Vahideh Rasekhi was reportedly detained at JFK International Airport on Saturday under President Donald Trump’s executive order.
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Donald J. Trump campaigning at a New Hampshire town hall on Aug. 19th, 2015. Trump holds a commanding 17-point lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 35 percent to 18 percent, according to a new CBS News national poll of likely Republican primary voters released Thursday.


Things that Donald Trump actually got right

Nick Zararis February 18, 2016
For all his mindless theatrics, Trump has occasionally, and surprisingly, struck the nail right on the head.
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Stony Brook professor James Klurfeld of the School of Journalism, right, served as the moderator for the annual Great Debate on Dec. 3rd, 2015, with this years topic on the growing threat of the Islamic State. CHRISTOPHER CAMERON/THE STATESMAN

Great Debates tackles US strategy against Islamic State

Jessica Chin December 6, 2015
Two teams debated about how to defeat monsters Thursday afternoon at the Humanities Institute — the monsters to which they referred being ISIS and extremism.
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