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A graphic of the Jan 6 Capital Riot featuring, from the left: Former Georgia Governor Eric Greitens, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Former President Donald Trump, Representative Matthew Gaetz, and Former NFL Player Hershel Walker.ILLUSTRATED BY TIM GIORLANDO/ THE STATESMAN

Let’s face it: Trump’s coming back (in spirit)

Tim Giorlando October 23, 2022
#OPINION: I wish I could say all of the candidates Trump endorsed this year lost tremendously. However, candidates who impersonate his rhetoric usually make it to the general election, clearly indicating that the seven years Trump has been relevant aren't a temporary stint. 
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An assortment of multicolored M&Ms.

What do M&M’s have to do with critical race theory?

Tim Giorlando February 16, 2022
#OPINION: The announcement drew little outcry, with Twitter mocking the controlled yet anxious orange M&M. No one cared — until Fox News mogul and broadcaster Tucker Carlson expressed sexual dissatisfaction with the new characters.
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Growing fight against voting rights derives from historical disenfranchisement efforts

Benjamin Joffe April 29, 2021
#OPINION Voter suppression is not a new practice in the United States. Members of the political and economic elite within the U.S. have sought to limit the political influence of workers, women and racial minorities since the founding of the country. 
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Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York speaking at the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland.

Race for LI House Seat Becomes One of Nation’s Priciest

Chris Gaine September 19, 2016
The race for the House of Representatives’ seat representing New York’s first district, which includes Stony Brook, is becoming one of the most expensive in the nation.
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Let’s unleash Microsoft’s “Tay” on the presidential campaign

Christopher Leelum March 31, 2016
Can man — the so evidently fallible ape with amazing capacities for violence, racism and terror — actually create intelligence?
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Donald J. Trump campaigning at a New Hampshire town hall on Aug. 19th, 2015. Trump holds a commanding 17-point lead over Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, 35 percent to 18 percent, according to a new CBS News national poll of likely Republican primary voters released Thursday.


Things that Donald Trump actually got right

Nick Zararis February 18, 2016
For all his mindless theatrics, Trump has occasionally, and surprisingly, struck the nail right on the head.
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Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson, is climbing his way to the top of the Republican presidential primary polls by changing his own ideals to appeal to GOP conservatives and gain higher polling numbers. PC: Marc Nozell

Don’t be fooled—Ben Carson knows how to operate on an audience

Skyler Gilbert September 28, 2015
Carson knows what the facts are, but instead wishes to exploit the stupidity and bigotry in our nation by making outlandish, hateful comments to increase his poll numbers.
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LGBT conservative LaSalvia urges change for Republican party

Jasmine Blennau November 21, 2013
Introduced as the brave and persistent man who could “save the Republican party from itself,” openly gay conservative Jimmy LaSalvia spoke to students on Wednesday night about the future of his party. He called for a new conservative coalition of youth to take over with conservative ideals using a “live and let live” ideology.
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Government shutdown nothing more than “playground politics”

Jeremy Kline October 15, 2013
So, imagine this: two groups of people are arguing about something. Neither side is willing to concede anything to the other side, let alone try to reach a compromise. They won’t even meet with the other group of people because they are so entrenched in their own opinions. Does this sound like what you might find on an elementary school playground? Yes, it does. It’s also what is currently happening in the government of one of the most powerful nations on the face of this Earth.
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Towards Something Ugly

January 28, 2003

  By Arif Rafiq 'To win without fighting is best,' wrote Sun Tzu, the great Chinese warrior-philosopher of the 4th millennium BCE, and author of the treatise 'The Art of War'. 'Blessed are the...

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