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Flag for the country of Hungary. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hungary’s neo-nationalism poses dangerous threat to social order

Fanni Frankl December 8, 2019
Nationalism is common among many nations today and is often perceived as the driving force that allows people to unite under a shared identity of a common culture and/or language.
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Protesters at a disability rights rally. SINN FEIN/FLICKR VIA CC BY 2.0

My fears about the future

Joshua Blake November 27, 2018
It’s weird being a college student for seven years. You start to wonder if you’ll pull through this journey, and then you start wondering when?
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Dr. Ram Raju gives commentary on America’s “two-tiered” healthcare system

Vincent Sparagna September 28, 2018
Senior Vice President and Community Health Investment Officer for Northwell Health, Dr. Ram Raju, spoke about the flaws in the United States’ health care system in a lecture at the Charles B. Wang Center Theater on Wednesday, Sept. 26
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My history with Professor Frohman and the administrators that defended him

Tiffany Kormendi September 9, 2018
Before I entered college, I thought, “Hey, I’ll study hard, have some fun and graduate in five years with my two degrees.” However, by Spring 2017, my college experience became one any student would have just wanted to end.
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The self-interest presidency: a case for Trump’s impeachment

Michael Punzi September 9, 2018
For almost two years I’ve studied the Trump presidency closely, and have found that Donald Trump is the most corrupt president America has ever seen. Let’s look at the facts, not the tweets.  
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A corpsman donates blood during a blood drive held by the Blood Donor Team. Genetic testing companies like 23andMe could be required to give out the genetic data they collect if given a court order. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Our DNA can be used against us

Andrew Goldstein April 29, 2018
Once my genetic code is out there, how can I be sure it will be safe?
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Kendrick Lamar performs in at Melkweg in Amsterdam on Feb. 7, 2013. Lamar released his latest album, DAMN., on MERLJIN HOEK/FLICKR VIA CC BY-NC-ND 2.0>/em>

DAMN: Kendrick Lamar cements his legend with most introspective album to date

Mike Adams April 26, 2017
Call it cynicism or call it maturity, but Kendrick is done trying to save the Titanic. Nowadays, he’d rather just sit on top of the iceberg and flip it off while the whole thing goes under.
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Hand completing a multiple choice exam.

It’s OK to fail

Andrew Goldstein November 10, 2016
It’s so easy, in a pressure cooker school like Stony Brook, to feel depressed, pessimistic and gross when these grades show up on our Blackboard and stare at us.
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Let’s unleash Microsoft’s “Tay” on the presidential campaign

Christopher Leelum March 31, 2016
Can man — the so evidently fallible ape with amazing capacities for violence, racism and terror — actually create intelligence?
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