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Kintsugi is the practice of repairing porcelain fractures with varnish or powder resin with gold. Kintsugi shows off the breaks as an important history of the object. CATALINA BENAVIDES/THE STATESMAN

You. Yes, you.

Catalina Benavides March 21, 2021
#OPINION: Catalina Benavides is a first-semester graduate student in the Master of Arts in Teaching English program. Benavides wrote a love letter to herself in the form of a poem. 
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“Need a Break”: Quarantine Edition

Melissa Azofeifa March 25, 2020
We know being in self-isolation is hard. In case you need something to distract you or something to do in between online classes, take a break and check these out!
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History-related careers begin to bounce back

Sam Lauria March 8, 2020
Since the recession of 2008, the number of students looking to pursue careers in the humanities, specifically history, has decreased. According to occupational employment statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor, 3,700 people were employed as historians in 2008.
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Three Korean comfort women photographed in 1944 while being interrogated. The Charles B. Wang center screened I Can Speak, a film exploring the lives of comfort women in Korea under Japanese occupation. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Center for Korean Studies shows Korean film “I Can Speak”

Claudia Motley March 25, 2018
Stony Brook’s Center for Korean Studies at the beginning of the month, released in 2017, the Korean comedy-drama “I Can Speak.”
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Professor Eugene Hammond is his office.

From engineering to English: The journey of professor Eugene Hammond

Gary Ghayrat December 3, 2017
About a week into the semester, he changed his major to English. “I think it’s undoubtedly the most important decision of my life because that’s when I started thinking about being a teacher,” Hammond said.
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Certain majors, such as English get a bad rap because they are often thought of as having little real-world applicability. NILUFER GADGIEVA/FLICKR VIA CC BY-NC 2.0

Whose major is it, anyway?

Scott Terwilliger April 9, 2017
This is one major that I become excited about when I wake up. It’s one that lends no qualms, and fills me with enough certainty to drive the rest of my life.
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Author’s Circle: Balancing Work and Writing

Justin Lerner March 27, 2017
You know them as the people who stand in front of the classroom, but did you know most of your professors are published writers?
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Stony Brook, NY; Stony Brook University: Members of the Multilingual and Intercultural Communication Center (L-R) Agnes He (Professor of Asian Studies), Jiwon Hwang (Research Assistant Professor in Psychology and Lecturer in Asian & Asian-American Studies), Marie Huffman (Professor of Linguistics), and Ellen Broselow (Professor of Linguistics)

Study addresses understanding non-native English speaking instructors

Taylor Ha September 25, 2015
A study conducted at SBU will tackle the challenge of communication between native English-speaking undergraduates and their non-native English-speaking instructors.
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Stony Brook answers: I wish my professors knew…

Kate Valerio May 5, 2015
We took our own poll of what Stony Brook students wish their professors knew. Listen up professors, it is time for you to learn.
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Slang terms more complex than they seem

Kelly Zegers November 12, 2014
Bae. Basic. Turnt. These are only a few of the slang words that college students are increasingly using across social media.
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Learning languages opens up doors to new worlds

Jonathon Kline October 21, 2014
A regret that seems to be almost universal among many people is their regret that they did not study a second language while they went to college.
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Stony Brook professor creates safe space for Portuguese students through writing

Chelsea Katz October 9, 2013
A conflicted Marilyn Zucker stood in front of her "Autobiography" class at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. It was Yom Kippur and according to the Jewish tradition, the day was meant for her to be seeking repentance for her sins- not to be in class.
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