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View of the Bridge of the Americas POE El Paso Texas.  U.S. Customs and Border Protection  FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

Biden’s $1.2 Trillion infrastructure package has passed, but what’s next?

Benjamin Joffe November 14, 2021
On Nov. 5, President Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in Congress and will be signed by the President within the next week. The bill will provide billions of dollars to states for the improvement of roads and other transportation infrastructure, as well as the expansion of broadband internet service, endeavors which will hopefully stimulate the economy. 
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A sign put up on Staller steps in order to warn students to wear masks and to remain six feet apart. RABIA GURSOY /THE STATESMAN

What a botched public health response can teach us one year after COVID-19 hit the U.S.

Benjamin Joffe April 15, 2021
#OPINION With all that happened in 2020, it's easy to overlook some valuable lessons we can take away from both our collective and individual experiences. We must understand how challenges that may seem independent from one another are connected. 
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People march with the LGBTQ flag at the Pride parade held on June 30, 2019 in Manhattan, NY.  GARY GHAYRAT/STATESMAN FILE

What can still be done to equally represent the LGBTQ community in the military

Benjamin Joffe March 21, 2021
#OPINION: Whether it be to prevent equal representation in the workplace or to block adoption and marriage rights, hateful legislation passed on all levels of government demonizes and diminishes LGBTQ people. 
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The outside of the White House before the election results. Joseph Biden is projected to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

It’s time to up the pressure on Biden: a reflection on his first month as president

Benjamin Joffe March 4, 2021
#OPINION Jan. 20, 2021 was a momentous day for millions of Americans. It marked the last day for an administration that had done unprecedented harm to communities around the United States.
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How Donald Trump’s impeachment lulled a false sense of accomplishment

Steven Keehner February 22, 2021
#OPINION Instead of critiquing the left and right, I’d like to address those celebrating Trump’s impeachment and the detachment from reality that continually gets swept under the rug.
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The outside of the Campus Recreation Center which was the campus polling place on Nov. 3, 2020. RABIA GURSOY/THE STATESMAN

SBU experts answer, “What comes next?” following 2020 Presidential Election

Steven Keehner November 18, 2020
The event, “Processing the 2020 Election: A Time for Connection, Healing, and Unity,” sought to allow the Stony Brook community to ask questions about the election’s aftermath.
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Republican Elephant and the Democrat Donkey icons. Stony Brook University’s Chemistry Department Nancy Goroff. Goroff alongside incumbent Lee Zeldin is on the ballot for the upcoming election.DONKEYHOTEY/FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0

SBU Professor Nancy Goroff and incumbent Lee Zeldin vie for eastern Suffolk’s seat in Congress

Iryna Shkurhan November 3, 2020
In New York’s Congressional District 1, former Chairwoman of Stony Brook University’s Chemistry Department Nancy Goroff (Democrat) and incumbent Lee Zeldin (Republican) are on the ballot for the Nov. 3 election. 
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Nancy Goroffs headshot from the Stony Brook University website. Goroff, a former Stony Brook chemistry professor, will be running against PHOTO CREDIT STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY

Former SBU professor Nancy Goroff wins democratic primary, set to face Lee Zeldin in general election

Niki Nassiri and Sara Ruberg July 21, 2020
Nancy Goroff will compete with Republican Rep. Lee Zeldin for a seat in the House of Representatives this November. If she were to defeat Zeldin this upcoming election, Goroff would become the first female Ph.D. scientist in Congress.
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A satellite picture of Long Island. PUBLIC DOMAIN

SBU plans to form a 2020 Census Complete Count Committee

Cindy Mizaku November 23, 2019
As the 2020 census approaches on April 1, Stony Brook University is forming a 2020 Census Complete Count Committee
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Electoral college map. PUBLIC DOMAIN

The Electoral College undermines the popular vote

Xenia Gonikberg November 3, 2019
As we all know, it’s that time of year again: the time to vote in your local elections. Although the Electoral College will not be playing a role in elections this year, the 538 members will be representing America’s votes next year in the 2020 presidential election.
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Violent video games aren’t connected to shootings

Matthew Yan October 27, 2019
Whenever the topic of gun control gets brought up on television or in Congress, there are always two scapegoats the National Rifle Association (NRA) tend to present: mental health and video games.
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Metro Tobalaba station in Santiago, Chile. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC ZOLOV

A letter from Santiago

Eric Zolov October 21, 2019
We're living in a different country from that of last Thursday. No one saw this coming. The media, colleagues and friends — everyone is trying to come to terms with what happened, what it means and where the country goes from here.
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