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President Maurie McInnis (left) and guest speaker (right) at the Presidential Debate friday

Stony Brook hosts Environmentalist Jeff Goodell in Presidential Lecture

Sky Crabtree, Assistant News Editor November 2, 2023
On Wednesday, Oct. 25, Stony Brook University hosted award-winning journalist and author Jeff Goodell to discuss climate change in the school’s presidential lecture series. President Maurie McInnis hosted the discussion in which the two discussed Goodell’s work in documenting climate change.
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Democrats need practical solutions to climate change

Vinod Kripalani February 5, 2023
OPINION: Don’t get me wrong; I support the government creating policies to curb climate change. However, the issue is that the overwhelming majority of policies proposed by Congressional Democrats happen to be impractical.
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The Ashley Schiff Preserve, across from Roth Community at Stony Brook University. Just east of Stony Brook University, the Long Island Pine Barren Reserve TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Pine beetles killing thousands of trees across Suffolk County

Lori Saxena December 4, 2022
The plan calls for 2,000 to 5,000 pine trees to be cut starting Nov. 29 through 2023 in an effort to slow the spread of the beetle throughout the region. The SPB can kill pine trees in only two to four months before spreading to other trees.
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“Weekly Ice Melts” offers an interactive opportunity for visitors to observe a project that is ongoing and reflective of a climate research project.

“Weekly Ice Melts” art installation offers interactive look at climate change

Melanie Navarro September 18, 2022
Open from July 21 to Oct. 29, the group exhibition “Connecting the Drops: The Power of Water” is on display at the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery. The most recent event at the gallery was “Weekly Ice Melts” on Sept. 16.
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Could sustainable eating save the environment?

Sydney Riddle April 24, 2022

With climate change or sustainability, whether it's our carbon footprint, rising temperatures or plastic consumption, it all seems out of our hands. But what if we could benefit the environment simply...

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A penguin leads a group of three penguins in Antarctica. PHOTOS PROVIDED BY LYNCH LABS

Professor awarded Pew fellowship for penguin research

Christine Kelley April 24, 2022
Lynch, an associate professor and endowed chair for ecology and evolution at Stony Brook University, is one of the Pew Charitable Trusts’ six 2022 marine fellows, who are all pioneers of conservation research.
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A graphic with vegetables suitable to consume for those following the vegan diet. J4P4N BY CC0

Veganism: perhaps the better alternative for a healthy body and planet

Sasha Kagan March 13, 2022
#OPINION: While veganism would certainly decrease carbon emissions and help to halt climate change, it isn’t necessary for everybody to resort to the diet.
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Earth probes create a laser plasma shield by colliding laser-beams to repel the excessive plasma of a dangerous space superstorm. REPELSPACETHREATS/CC BY-SA 4.0

The Onion Bagel: We need a giant space laser to shoot rich people who try to leave Earth

Michael Cleary March 3, 2022
#OnionBagel #OPINION: In order to keep the fear of God in our world leaders, I propose we build a giant space laser to shoot them down if they try to escape Earth without the masses.
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A photo of a bitcoin resting on a wallet.  CRYPTO WALLET/ WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA LICENSE

Environmental concerns must be a top priority in the future of cryptocurrency

Katharina Buczek October 18, 2021
#OPINION: Regulating cryptomining to be sourced solely from renewable energy should be a priority in the fight against global warming before it is too late.
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The United States Capitol Building. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

To go green, we must take smaller steps in legislation

Anya Marquardt April 24, 2021
#OPINION In order to address climate change, legislation must be passed. Even if we don’t agree with all the Green New Deal proposes, we can see it as a positive step toward solving one of the world’s most pressing problems.
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The cover of the book New York 2140. PUBLIC DOMAIN

How climate change is being reimagined in fiction

Justin Chassin April 24, 2021
#OPINION Although it may come as a surprise to some, our generation is being impacted as we speak. A child born today faces health risks to their immune systems from environmental pollutants, along with long-term damage from heightened temperatures and air pollution.
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Pictures around the Earth from NASAs website. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Scientists experiment with climate intervention to delay the effects of global warming

Maria Lynders April 22, 2021
As the consequences of global warming are becoming more dire, scientists are considering whether — in addition to reducing and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions — to use geoengineering to mitigate the effects of global warming. 
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