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“Woman, Life, Freedom”: IGSA celebrates Persian New Year and women’s history in Iran

Beth Gatto April 3, 2023
The Iranian Graduate Student Association (IGSA) collaborated with the Department of History to host an event chronicling the history of feminism in Iran and demonstrate support and solidarity for Iranian women. 
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“¡Chile! Despertó” exhibition showcases the power of “estallido artístico” in protests

Amaya McDonald October 3, 2021
Stony Brook University associate history Professor Eric Zolov and his family found themselves amid civil unrest in Chile. While the violence and havoc were devastating, something beautiful came out of the protests — estallido artístico.
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Signs of destruction at an entrance to the Baquedano metro station near Plaza Italia, ground zero of the protest movement in Santiago.

A final letter from Santiago, in photos

Eric Zolov December 5, 2019
A collection of photos taken by Eric Zolov of the recent turmoil encompassing Santiago, Chile. The protest movement resulted in crumbling infrastructure and blind protesters.
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A final letter from Santiago

Eric Zolov December 4, 2019
"Tu normalidad es privilegio," is graffitied over an entire wall along the Nueva Providencia Avenue in downtown Santiago. After six weeks of nearly continuous street protests and a growing tally of the dead and wounded, the debate over "a return to normalcy" has taken center stage here in Chile.
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The Weekly Wrap Up Ep. 1

Sara Ruberg October 27, 2019
The Statesman editors of each section briefly summarize stories from this past week.
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Sign in Santiago that translates to Its not over 30 pesos but for 30 years. The 30 pesos was the fare increase for the metro system that sparked the revolt, and the 30 years refers to 30 years of a post Pinochet neo-liberal regime. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC ZOLOV

Another letter from Santiago: A cataclysmic week in Chile

Eric Zolov October 27, 2019
"Ta-ta, ta, ta, ta." That's the beat of protest, heard at random on the streets. It grows louder as one approaches the center, and reverberates off apartment buildings in the evenings following the start of a curfew. A simple banging of a spoon on a pot: the symbol of a peaceful protest.
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Metro Tobalaba station in Santiago, Chile. PHOTO CREDIT: ERIC ZOLOV

A letter from Santiago

Eric Zolov October 21, 2019
We're living in a different country from that of last Thursday. No one saw this coming. The media, colleagues and friends — everyone is trying to come to terms with what happened, what it means and where the country goes from here.
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The Stony Brook University hospital. Oregon was the first state to codify a right-to-death law in 1997. ARACELY JIMENEZ/STATESMAN FILE

School of Medicine course teaches compassion to students

Andrew Goldstein April 19, 2016
The Stony Brook Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics focuses on teaching literature, history, philosophy and the arts, in relation to patient care.
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How sex affects athletic performance is still unresolved

David Vertsberger February 11, 2015

The athlete’s process of reaching to physical and psychological shape in anticipation of the big game or event is meticulous. Every meal, every nap, every routine has to be in accordance with what...

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Under the microscope: Ancient microwaves may shed light on the history of the universe

Mallory Locklear January 28, 2014
Dr. Neelima Sehgal, an assistant professor in the department of Physics and Astronomy, wants to understand the earliest moments of the universe. Specifically, she wants to know what happened within one second after the Big Bang—the event believed to have taken place 13.8 billion years ago and took the universe from a tiny, dense, finite point to the infinite cosmos of today. But studying events that took place billions of years ago is no small feat.
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Strawberry Fest fruits hail from outside Long Island

Chelsea Katz April 29, 2013

A typical spring at Stony Brook University celebrates local talent and businesses with Earthstock, the Roth Regatta and Strawberry Fest. Despite common perception among Stony Brook students, the...

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