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Judi Le, senior Asian and Asian American studies major at Stony Brook university and Bryan Le, senior music major at Stony Brook University  holding hands for The Statesman Sex and Relationships photoshoot. RABIA GURSOY/STATESMAN FILE

Self-acceptance is required for successful relationships

Fanni Frankl March 21, 2021
#OPINION: In a society that relies on human connection and relationships, it is vital for people to create deep bonds with one another. Unfortunately, many cannot develop healthy relationships due to childhood traumas that affect their self-esteem. 
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Cancel culture needs to be canceled

Xenia Gonikberg December 2, 2019
Cancel culture has gone mainstream. When a person, famous or not, is called out on Twitter or other media platforms for mean or insensitive remarks they have made in the past, they get “canceled.”
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Poster for The Breadwinner. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“The Breadwinner” film brings a powerful story to the Wang Center

Lajiere Blake October 21, 2019
The art of storytelling and animation is captured beautifully in “The Breadwinner.” Based on the novel of the same name by Deborah Ellis, the film does a great job of hooking viewers in from the very start.
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It: Chapter 2 is a thrill ride that starts fast and doesnt slow down

It: Chapter 2 is a thrill ride that starts fast and doesn’t slow down

Alexander Bakirdan September 10, 2019
"It: Chapter 2” doesn’t pull any punches from the very beginning as the movie sets the tone quickly for what is a thrilling ride from start to finish. Now I feel I can’t discuss this movie properly without spoiling it a bit, so consider this a warning, there will be massive spoilers ahead.
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An advertisement for an Overwatch loot box. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Everybody loses with loot boxes

Matthew Yan December 9, 2018
How much would you be willing to spend to be able to play one character in a video game you enjoy? For loot box and gacha game players, the answer can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
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Leigh Riley in her high school production of “Footloose.” COURTESY OF LEIGH RILEY

Behind the Curtain: Performing with depression and anxiety

Rachel Parker October 2, 2018
Theater performance is a work-intensive art that can leave the actor feeling vulnerable.
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One in five women and one in 16 men are sexually assaulted on college campuses, but only 10 percent of survivors report their cases. ARACLEY JIMENEZ/THE STATESMAN

#MeToo helped me too

Mike Adams February 12, 2018
The #MeToo movement wasn’t necessarily fought for me, but I owe every silence breaker an unpayable debt of gratitude.
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Stony Brook has a chance to stop abuse

Tess Stepakoff January 28, 2018
What started out as a dream quickly turned into a nightmare as Coach Janelle broke our trust and our spirits.
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Consent: an ongoing education

Consent: an ongoing education

Genie Ruzicka February 13, 2017
If someone is being taught the dynamics of consent when they are entering college, it is too late. Sexual education as a whole needs to improve drastically.
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SBU professors become more aware of “trigger words”

Francesca Campione March 8, 2015
As campus-wide attention regarding sexual assault is increasing, professors whose lectures contain sensitive subjects are becoming more aware of trigger words..
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Ray Rice and the absurdity of celebrity worship

Jeremy Kline September 18, 2014
In recent news, Ray Rice, a star running back for the Baltimore Ravens, was suspended due to a video being leaked of him knocking his wife, Janay Palmer, out cold.
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