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USG Executive Council platform statements: looking back at the year

USG Executive Council platform statements: looking back at the year

The Statesman April 19, 2015
The Statesman revisited last year’s platform statements to see if the Executive Council members were able to carry out the plans that were promised.
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SBU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., above, is a supporter of the limits on tuition increases by SUNY 2020. STATESMAN STOCK PHOTO

SUNY 2020’s rational tuition expiration causing concern at Stony Brook

Rebecca Anzel March 9, 2015
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s SUNY 2020 legislation is set to expire at the next academic year’s end, and with it goes a built-in program for predictable tuition costs.
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VP of Academic Affairs Steven Adelson, right, urged support for renewed legislation for future Seawolves                  SIMON SHARP / THE STATESMAN

Campus briefing: senate passes resolution to support renewal of SUNY 2020 legislation

Arielle Martinez February 23, 2015
The USG Senate approved a resolution to support a renewed plan for predictable tuition costs for State University of New York schools at its meeting on Thursday, Feb. 19.
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Many students are taking out over $25,000 in loans, according to a recent poll of black and white graduates. (MANJU SHIVACHARAN / THE STATESMAN)

Survey shows debt gap among college graduates of different races

Samantha Mercado October 7, 2014
A recent survey by Gallup showed that 50 percent of black college graduates held more than $25,000 in student loan debt, compared to 34 percent of white graduates.
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In the next five years, there will be an increase in tuition for all four State University of New York (SUNY) research universities, including Stony Brook University, by 30%.

NYSUNY2020 grant program raises Stony Brook student tuition

Ryan Wolf August 26, 2014
For the 2014-2015 school year, both in-state and out-of-state students at Stony Brook University will see increases in their academic tuition.
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SAT changes: how do they affect us?

John Scalmandre March 13, 2014
You might think that as a college student constantly apprehensive about his financial future, I would have little to no interest in the recent news that the format and content of the SAT will soon be changed. Yes, that’s right, the SAT, that ominous name that filled many of us with fear of words like harangue and cacophony, will finally abandon its love of the abstract, never used parts of our lexicon. I was pleasantly surprised by this knowledge and the information that the test will also abandon the essay and 2400-point-scale and will revert to the 1600-point-scale, as it was once measured by . In addition, the exam will no longer penalize its takers for guessing incorrectly.
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Increase in tuition changing the culture of the student body

Simran Gupta February 18, 2014
Stony Brook University, formerly praised as one of the most affordable gems in the crown of public universities, has slowly been losing its luster as tuition fees continue to increase. In the midst of an economic recession, Stony Brook has experienced a series of budgetary problems that have ravaged through the SUNY system like an epidemic.
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Graduation robes are overpriced

Anusha Mookherjee February 6, 2014
As a senior ready to graduate, excitement has quickly been replaced by anxiety and stress. Somehow, without the help of pretty much any advisors, I have gotten here after three and a half years. Being an out-of-state student, I always grumble listening to in-state students complain about the few thousand dollars their tuition is. Hello! Out-of-staters pay around $14,000 per semester. But as per Stony Brook tradition, what would be graduation without another pit for us to throw money into?
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The Food Pantry serves students at Stony Brook University that are at risk of food insecurity. They are an alternative food source to FSA-run campus dining spots like the Union Commons, pictured above. (KATE MUSTAKAS / THE STATESMAN)

Stony Brook Food Pantry focuses on wrong demographic

Christopher Leelum September 10, 2013
The new Stony Brook Food Pantry is not free food for the frugal. It is not satisfaction for the stingy, and it is not contentment for the cheapskate. Under 'Mission' on the pantry's website, you will find that it serves primarily to feed those "of Stony Brook University and the Stony Brook University community that are at risk of food insecurity." I am not denying the existence of said members of SBU and its community, but this pantry is simply in the wrong spot and solves the wrong problem.
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tuition graphic

A breakdown of 2013-2014 tuition

Will Welch August 28, 2013
SUNY campuses have consistently raised the prices of tuition since 2002. Stony Brook is no exception. For this academic year, in-state students can expect to pay $1,144 more than last year.
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Students resorting to more college loans each year

Rolyne Joseph September 24, 2012

Although student loans have given Stony Brook University students effective plans and strategies to pay for university tuition, books, meal plans and living expenses, they may cause student loan debt and...

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100% Raise in Parking Fines… Just Brilliant

November 15, 2007
We understand the need to punish individuals who do not follow the rules, but there are instances when punishment, especially an increased one, is unwarranted.
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