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Under the Microscope: Sleep position impacts brains ability to detox

Under the Microscope: Sleep position impacts brain’s ability to detox

Ruchi Shah August 27, 2015
Interestingly, the lateral position is the most common, suggesting that organisms have evolved over time to prefer the sleeping position that clears brain waste the best.
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Under the microscope: minds meet for annual cancer research conference

Ruchi Shah April 28, 2015
The theme of this year’s meeting was “Bringing Cancer Discoveries to Patients,” bridging the gap between scientists at the lab bench and patients in the clinic.
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Under the microscope: SBU professor studies invasive species

Ruchi Shah April 13, 2015
Dr. Jessica Gurevitch is revolutionizing the field of ecology through her large-scale studies of invasive species and use of meta-analysis to synthesize findings in the field.
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Under the microscope: Stony Brook University scientists discover how different components of marijuana work

Ruchi Shah March 9, 2015
Scientists at Stony Brook University discovered the mechanism by which the main components of marijuana, THC and CBD, are transported within the cell.
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The Statesmans 36 Questions Project

The Statesman’s 36 Questions Project

The Statesman February 10, 2015
After our Under the Microscope columnist Ruchi Shah spoke to Arthur Aron, Ph.D., about his findings, we decided that we wanted to try the 36 Questions experiment ourselves.
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Under the microscope: 36 questions shown to form closer relationships

Ruchi Shah February 9, 2015
36 questions in 45 minutes turn complete strangers into close friends or even a married couple. To most, this idea sounds unbelievable.
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Under the Microscope: Found mammalian skull could reshape current view of evolution

Ruchi Shah December 2, 2014
A team of scientists led by Stony Brook paleontologist David Krause discovered a mammalian skull in a block of sandstone in Madagascar that could reshape current understanding of mammalian evolution.
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Sir Simon Donaldson, and SBU professor of mathematics, opened up a new area in the geometry of four dimensions. (PHOTO CREDIT : GERT-MARTIN GREUEL)

Under the microscope: professor wins Breakthrough Prize

Ruchi Shah November 18, 2014
Sir Simon Donaldson was awarded the $3 million Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics on Nov. 9 at a star-studded event in a former NASA airship station in Moffett Field, Calif.
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Female basketball players tend to suffer from ACL injuries two to 10 times more than male counterparts. (HANAA TAMEEZ / THE STATESMAN)

Under the microscope: Injuries among college basketball players are due to daily stress on bodies

Ruchi Shah November 4, 2014
Athletes are often seen as the epitome of health, but repetitive actions in sports such as basketball can take a serious toll on the body.
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Under the microscope: Dr. Radha Perumal Ramasamy produces flame-retardant polymer and improves 3D visualization of cells

Ruchi Shah October 24, 2014
In one year, Dr. Radha Perumal Ramasamy published one paper, filed two patents and became a guest editor for a journal, all while pursuing research in energy materials and bionanosciences.
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President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. said the best way to stop Ebola in the United States is to stop Ebola in Africa. (MANJU SHIVACHARAN / THE STATESMAN)

Under the microscope: Spread of Ebola epidemic from Africa to the United States unlikely

Ruchi Shah October 7, 2014
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the total number of Ebola cases could reach 1.4 million by January if further intervention or community changes are not made.
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Under the microscope: the effects of napping on the human brain

Ruchi Shah September 25, 2014
All-nighters spent studying for exams and late night parties often leave students sleep deprived. Recent research outlines the benefits of napping and the ideal timing to get the most out of a nap.
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