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BeReal sends out alerts when “it’s time to BeReal”, giving users a two-minute window to post before sending out a late notification. The app aims to give users an authentic social media experience.  Wikimedia Commons License

BeReal takes away the pressure of social media

Jennifer Ojilere October 30, 2022
#OPINION: Growing up in the age of social media sharing, today's generation is feeling immense pressure to portray picture-perfect lives. Now, the app BeReal is attempting to change all of that.
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A graphic of the Jan 6 Capital Riot featuring, from the left: Former Georgia Governor Eric Greitens, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Former President Donald Trump, Representative Matthew Gaetz, and Former NFL Player Hershel Walker.ILLUSTRATED BY TIM GIORLANDO/ THE STATESMAN

Let’s face it: Trump’s coming back (in spirit)

Tim Giorlando October 23, 2022
#OPINION: I wish I could say all of the candidates Trump endorsed this year lost tremendously. However, candidates who impersonate his rhetoric usually make it to the general election, clearly indicating that the seven years Trump has been relevant aren't a temporary stint. 
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An image of the Governors Mansion in Albany, NY. JOSEPH/ FLICKER VIA LICENSE

New York should be preparing for the “red wave”

Sonya Gugliara October 23, 2022
#OPINION: Kathy Hochul and Lee Zeldin are neck and neck in the polls for New York governor. The term “red wave” is not some preposterous buzzword, but a fair reflection of the current state of New York politics.
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Voter booths lined up. TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Voting access needs to be improved across the U.S.

Jennifer Ojilere October 23, 2022
#OPINION: Some states continue to suppress voters with restrictive bills limiting access to mail and absentee voting. Since every American experiences the voting process differently, not every single law works for everyone. At the same time, there are ways to improve voting access across the United States.
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The NYU Silver Center. AJAY_SURESH/CC BY 2.0

New York Times misconstrued students’ role in professor’s dismissal

Sonya Gugliara October 16, 2022
#OPINION: The students of NYU were falsely depicted as lazy and entitled. Jones' firing and the reaction to it reveal that educators must take a greater responsibility for their students' success.
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We need to treat election polls with skepticism

Viyang Hao October 16, 2022

Public opinion polling is a staple of elections. It's plastered onto cable news, newspapers and social media, making it hard to escape hearing about poll results. While it's fine to survey registered...

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NFL’s concussion issues continue with Tua Tagovailoa

Anya Marquardt October 11, 2022
#OPINION: The most recent issue to befall the NFL regards their concussion protocol, and it is well warranted. It is past time for the NFL to make a change in order to protect their players. 
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An illustration of books being covered in censored tape. Second ops sentence because I havent read it yet.  PUBLIC DOMAIN / ILLUSTRATED BY TIM GIORLANDO

Efforts to ban books are working, but why?

Sara McGiff October 3, 2022
#OPINION: In the past two years, there has been a social movement instigated by lawmakers, right-wing media, conservative parents and Christian nationalists to challenge books that tackle LGBTQ+ issues, racism, race and sexual assault.
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OPINION: Cable TV is the past; streaming is the future

OPINION: Cable TV is the past; streaming is the future

Anya Marquardt September 25, 2022
#OPINION: Streaming services now provide a wider variety of entertainment compared to cable, cater better to the busy schedules of today’s younger populations and are also producing better quality television due to higher budgets.
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Stacks of the newly printed Back on Campus Special Issue in The Statesmans office. This year, The Statesman will be be bringing special issues back to print.

Editorial: A (partial) return to print and a new beginning for The Statesman

The Editorial Board September 21, 2022
On Sept. 20, The Statesman released its first full-sized print issue since the Spring 2021 semester. 
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Staller Center struggles to appeal to student body

Staller Center struggles to appeal to student body

Grace Armann September 16, 2022
In the Staller Center’s quest to appeal to both of its audiences, it often piques the interest of neither.
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An illustration featuring social media influencer Andrew Tate. TIM GIORLANDO/THE STATESMAN

Misogynistic YouTubers promote sexism to young men

Sara McGiff September 14, 2022
#OPINION: No content creator has had the influence and ability to incite outrage amongst the general public more than Andrew Tate. Tate’s removal from social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube has done little to deter his loyal fanbase.
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