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“Worm lab” provides unique opportunities for undergraduate research

Matt Venezia March 9, 2023
The path to finding research experience at Stony Brook, especially without prior training, is often a difficult one for undergraduates. In 2015, Stony Brook professor Sharon Pochron hoped to change that with the "worm lab." Now, eight years later, her lab continues to have a positive impact on student growth.
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The Department of Writing hosted an event on Oct. 19 in the SAC Why Lobby to celebrate the National Day of Writing. photo provided by Flicker

Writing Department celebrates National Day of Writing

Matt Venezia October 24, 2022
Stony Brook University’s Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) hosted its first National Day of Writing event on Thursday, Oct. 20 to highlight the work of talented writers on campus.
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The Life Science building on Stony Brook campus. Within the building are many labs in which undergraduates can participate in research. KAT PROCACCI/THE STATESMAN

SBU must increase support and advertisement of undergraduate research on campus

Matt Venezia May 1, 2022
#OPINION: There are challenges that must be addressed by the University and society at large if issues — such as a lack of funding and low participation of underprivileged students — surrounding undergraduate research are to be addressed properly.
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A headshot of Dr. Charles Vorkas. PROVIDED BY CHARLES VORKAS

New RSOM hire works to better grasp disease resistance

Matt Venezia April 13, 2022
Dr. Charles K. Vorkas — a new arrival at Stony Brook’s Renaissance School of Medicine with a diverse background in research and international patient care — is leading efforts in his newly-established lab to better understand disease resistance.
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 23 and Me DNA sampling kits,  Nosha FLICKR VIA CC BY-SA 2.0 

For Nosha, femme_makita, cw, yes.

Happy weekend my friends!

23andMe’s privatization of genetic data restricts the research community

Matt Venezia November 23, 2021
Due to their privatization of data, 23andMe restricts the ability of the research community to make significant progress outside of specific collaborations with the company. 
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Tomatoes gene-edited with CRISPR/Cas9 in the PROCERA gene, developed by The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich.  PUBLIC DOMAIN

Impacting hunger and malnutrition must be central in the future of gene-edited crops

Matt Venezia October 25, 2021
#OPINION: To ensure the greatest impact on malnutrition and hunger, future approvals of gene-edited crops must be in nations where these problems are prevalent and in crops that are relied upon by impoverished populations. 
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President of the University, Maurie McInnis.JOCELYN CRUZ /THE STATESMAN

Despite President McInnis’ admiration for SBU, large disconnect between students and administration is unignorable

Matt Venezia October 10, 2021
#OPINION: From the beginning, it was clear that McInnis holds the campus community in high regard and is happy to be at Stony Brook. Regardless of the politics associated with the position of the presidency at the University, she was genuine.
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What future protests should look like at SBU

What future protests should look like at SBU

Matt Venezia September 27, 2021
#OPINION: After the anti-vaccine mandate protest on Sept. 12, Stony Brook University must reconsider how protests on campus are handled in order to best protect their students and faculty.
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The universal recycling symbol. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Why individual actions are dragging down the environmental movement

Matt Venezia April 18, 2021
#OPINION: For a sustainable future — and an environmental movement with a tangible, positive impact on climate change — a focus on organized systemic change is necessary.
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The outside of the White House before the election results. Joseph Biden is projected to defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election. BRIANNE LEDDA/THE STATESMAN

U.S. foreign aid during COVID-19 should extend beyond strategic interests 

Matt Venezia March 30, 2021
#OPINION It is rare that the U.S., in foreign policy, does something without its own strategic interests in mind. The relationship with these three tiny island nations is no different. 
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Business, Healthcare and Human Services job fair in 2019. MAYA BROWN/STATESMAN FILE

Internships are just as important as classes

Matt Venezia March 29, 2021
#OPINION Every student needs classes in order to complete their degree. Obviously, this isn't breaking news — if you look at your major's degree completion criteria, you'll notice that they're mostly made up of classes.
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A group of students hold posters as they march around campus in support of the Black Lives Matter protests last fall. RABIA GURSOY/STATESMAN FILE

Whitewashed history inhibits us from learning about the past

Matt Venezia February 17, 2021
#OPINION: One of my favorite subjects in high school was history... Looking back now, it was very obvious from the textbooks I read or lessons I learned that “American” meant “white.”
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