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A stock image of fresh homemade banana bread on a table. FOMAA - STOCK.ADOBE.COM

A simple and delightful dairy-free banana bread recipe

Justin Lee February 11, 2024
There’s nothing quite like a freshly baked loaf of banana bread. The sweet, nutty aroma wafting through the air combined with a toothsome chew of pillowy softness is divine. For those with dietary restrictions, this one-bowl recipe is perfect, as the ingredients can be substituted without compromising flavor. 
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Laughs and shivers collide in the dark comedic thrill ride that is “Sweeney Todd”

Jenna Zaza, Arts and Culture Editor February 10, 2024
As the dimly-lit stage comes to life with the haunting melodies of brass instruments and synthesizers, an eerie fog curls around the set of 19th-century London, casting a mesmerizing spell over the audience. “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street” transports theatergoers to a world where the line between morality and madness blurs into a macabre dance.
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“Divine Rivals”: a mismarketed romantasy novel that falls woefully flat

“Divine Rivals”: a mismarketed romantasy novel that falls woefully flat

Katherine Kimes February 4, 2024
“Divine Rivals” by Rebecca Ross has been a bestseller ever since hitting the shelves last April. It has not only been a trending sensation on TikTok under #BookTok, but it also won the Goodreads Choice Awards 2023 for Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction.
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Muddy Paws Rescue is paving the way for happy tails and forever homes

Jenna Zaza, Arts and Culture Editor January 29, 2024
Since Muddy Paws Rescue’s formation in early 2016, they have saved more than 7,600 dogs with placements in at least 1,500 foster homes. However, the impacts of Muddy Paws Rescue’s efforts don’t stop when a foster dog is adopted.
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A graphic illustrating a computer in the kitchen with AI elements. ILLUSTRATED BY JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

It’s time to welcome AI in the kitchen and here’s how

Justin Lee January 28, 2024
The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us, so why not welcome it into the kitchen? Softwares such as ChatGPT can do way more than cripple academic honesty. It can be a useful tool in the kitchen, offering insights and smoothing the cooking process.
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Bloodied bombshells: the double standard for women in wrestling

Skylar Sena, Managing Editor January 21, 2024
Though female wrestlers have long been relegated to five-minute matches and sexually-charged storylines, they are finally fighting back. Yet, when they dare dip too close to the level of gore their male counterparts are praised for, they find themselves being disparaged by fans.
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The official poster for Yorgos Lanthimos film Poor Things. The film premiered on Sept.1 at the 80th Venice International Film Festival. PUBLIC DOMAIN

The Frankensteinian “Poor Things” is Yorgos Lanthimos’ magnum opus

Joshua Lee January 19, 2024
In a way, director Yorgos Lanthimos is a more eccentric version of Tim Burton, which speaks volumes since Burton is notorious for glamorizing the strange, the ugly and the offbeat. With “Poor Things” (2023), the director finally embraces the sincere quirkiness of the protagonist with open arms.
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An assortment of canned fish and seafood. DULSITA - ADOBE.STOCK.COM

Don’t let labels fool you: this catch is way more delightful than its tinned home

Justin Lee December 23, 2023
Banished to the furthest corner of American grocery stores sits the humble can of tinned fish. Its reputation, undoubtedly, precedes itself. To some, it carries a sense of flavorful nostalgia. To others, it’s off-putting at best and vile at worst.
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A graphic resembling a Christmas postcard of popular holiday movies. ILLUSTRATED BY ANGELINA LIVIGNI/THE STATESMAN

8 Christmas classics to watch this season

Alyssa Pascocello December 23, 2023
Aside from the more traditional activities of decorating a Christmas tree with ornaments and slightly over baking gingerbread cookies, a fantastic way to revel in the holiday spirit is to watch Christmas films. 
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One of the many clothing bins on Stony Brook University Campus located in front of Greeley Hall. Since 2008, SBU has collected donated clothing to help reduce clothing waste and promote eco-friendly practices. BRITTNEY DIETZ/THE STATESMAN

Where do clothes from the Wolfie Clothing Recycling Bins go?

Emily Chao December 13, 2023
Given the environmental impacts of discarded clothing, the University’s clothing recycling program is commendable. But exposés of clothing recycling bins run by money-hungry companies can instill doubt in those participating in these recycling initiatives.
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A graphic showcasing the different elements of Spotifys 2023 Wrapped theme. ILLUSTRATED BY BRITTNEY DIETZ AND JERRY WEINTRAUB/THE STATESMAN

It’s Spotify Wrapped season: let’s review its new categories

Patrick Larkin December 12, 2023
It is that magical time of year once again: a time of showing off your superior taste and judging the habits of your closest friends. It is Spotify Wrapped season. 
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The official Disney movie poster for Wish. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Disney’s “Wish” is quite possibly their worst picture yet

Patrick Larkin December 8, 2023
The 2023 Disney animated film “Wish” aimed to celebrate Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 100th anniversary with a story based on one of its main themes, wishing; instead, it is an amalgamation of everything wrong with the corporation.
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