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Stop gentrification graffiti on a wall. 
 Prof. Lumacorno /WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA CC 2.0

The real cost of gentrification

Fanni Frankl September 28, 2021
#OPINION: I have seen multiple neighborhoods in my beloved city of New York change for, arguably, the worse. Brand new luxury condominiums line the streets, tearing down the businesses that ran there, making me wonder, who can afford to live there?
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Turning Point protest at Stony Brook Univeristy on Sept. 12,2021.  TIM GIORLANDO/ THE STATESMAN

SBU anti-mandate protest was a failure and a let-down to the University

Fanni Frankl, Matt Venezia, and Sam Lauria September 19, 2021
#OPINION: The Sept. 13 anti-vaccine protest on Stony Brook campus failed to do anything except damage the reputation of the university.
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The outside of the administration building in March 2020. The RABIA GURSOY/STATESMAN FILE

SBU disgraces campus by allowing anti-vax mandate protest

Fanni Frankl and Matt Venezia September 12, 2021
#OPINION: This weekend, Stony Brook University will host an event sponsored by Turning Point USA, a nonprofit, right-wing activist group dedicated to empowering conservative voices on campus.
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Judi Le, senior Asian and Asian American studies major at Stony Brook university and Bryan Le, senior music major at Stony Brook University  holding hands for The Statesman Sex and Relationships photoshoot. RABIA GURSOY/STATESMAN FILE

Self-acceptance is required for successful relationships

Fanni Frankl March 21, 2021
#OPINION: In a society that relies on human connection and relationships, it is vital for people to create deep bonds with one another. Unfortunately, many cannot develop healthy relationships due to childhood traumas that affect their self-esteem. 
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Reporting as an intern during COVID-19

Fanni Frankl August 23, 2020
Junior journalism major, Fanni Frankl, reflects upon her transition as a journalism intern amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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SBU professors discuss business collaboration in panel

Fanni Frankl February 9, 2020
The Office of Technology Licensing and Industry Relations at Stony Brook welcomed a panel of professors and researchers to the Charles B. Wang Center on Feb. 5 to discuss collaboration with businesses.
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Flag for the country of Hungary. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Hungary’s neo-nationalism poses dangerous threat to social order

Fanni Frankl December 8, 2019
Nationalism is common among many nations today and is often perceived as the driving force that allows people to unite under a shared identity of a common culture and/or language.
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Protestors at the Sex Workers Rights March in London in 2011. MSMORNINGTON/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS VIA SA

Decriminalizing sex work empowers sex workers and protects their human rights

Fanni Frankl November 24, 2019
In a society where sex workers often get discriminated against, the question of decriminalization of sex work should be highly considered. Sex workers often face violence in their field including physical, sexual and psychological violence.
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SBU holds annual Postdoc event for Stony Brook researchers

Fanni Frankl November 21, 2019
The SBU Postdoc Spotlight presented a snapshot of the research and discovery conducted by Stony Brook’s postdoctoral scholars.
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Stony Brook students studying in Melville Library. Growth mindset is a concept where  success is achieved through hard work rather than just innate talent. DESHAUN ROBINSON/THE STATESMAN

Less library funding hurts students and impoverished neighborhoods

Fanni Frankl November 10, 2019
Many of these programs will become unavailable if we fail to take advantage of these opportunities and stand up for them
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Contestants presenting at the annual Wolfie Tank competition on Nov. 6. SAMANTHA ROBINSON/THE STATESMAN

Student entrepreneurs compete in fifth annual WolfieTank

Fanni Frankl November 10, 2019
Student entrepreneurs competed for funding at Stony Brook University's fifth annual Wolfie Tank on Wednesday, Nov. 6 at the Charles B. Wang Center. The event is meant to be a spin-off of the popular television show “Shark Tank,” where entrepreneurs present their product to a panel of judges, hoping to win funding to expand their businesses.
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Stony Brook honors veterans with annual ceremony

Fanni Frankl November 10, 2019
Stony Brook University held its annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony at the Student Activities Center on Wednesday, Nov. 6. The ceremony aimed to honor the veterans in the audience and to shed light on all they have sacrificed for the United States.
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