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Stony Brook University launches new off-campus housing website

Caithlin Pena April 3, 2014
Gone are the days students have to inquire with the Faculty Student Association for information concerning off-campus housing. A new service launched by the university earlier this semester provides students with information such as house listings, safety facts, community service opportunities and public transportation options. It serves as a self-service option for those students looking for assistance with off-campus housing.
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ASBO sets sights on Colorado

Caithlin Pena March 6, 2014
In about a week, Stony Brook students will be on spring break. While some students may go to a crazy party in the hot sun on some beach or simply use the free time to catch up on sleep, Stony Brook’s Alternative Spring Break Outreach will spend the week in Colorado, building houses, removing debris, working at soup kitchens and shelters and volunteering at a local Boys and Girl Club.
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USG Vice President of Communications and Public Relations Mario Ferone (left) has expressed hope that the Ronkonkoma building plans will benefit students. (MANJU SHIVARAN / THE STATESMAN)

Ronkonkoma plans to build town hub

Caithlin Pena February 20, 2014
Being a Stony Brook University resident student is not at all an isolating experience. Suffolk Transit buses take students to off-campus locations such as Smith Haven Mall and grocery stores, and university buses do the same on weekends. The new 7Bus, stationed at the Student Activities Center, stops at various locations in New York City. And the Long Island Rail Road is right on-campus as well, taking students all over Long Island and to NYC. The LIRR also takes students to Port Jefferson’s Main Street hub. With a five to 10 minute train ride, students can wander the numerous shops and restaurants there.
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New Stony Brook Admirers page allows students to anonymously compliment one another

Caithlin Pena February 11, 2014
“To the guy in BIO203 at 11:30 with long blonde hair that is tied back with a headband, I'd just like to say that you seem like you'd be a great guy to get to know,” poster No. 433 said.
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Blackboard looks to improve compatibility with both students and technology

Caithlin Pena February 6, 2014
As the semester begins, students are adjusting to new classes, new professors, new classmates and a new Blackboard, students’ go-to source for class updates and assignments received a makeover during the winter break.
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“Health Matters” here and at Princeton University

Caithlin Pena December 2, 2013
College life can be busy, busy, busy. With finals looming, students are concerned about homework, grades and graduating on time. But there is another thing they should be concerned about: their health.
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Hoopla: The new arena and it’s financial impact

Caithlin Pena November 5, 2013
Stony Brook University is expecting a new addition in the form of a new athletic and entertainment facility in fall 2014. But Stony Brook Arena is not exactly new. According to a press release from May 2012, the university commenced a renovation of the 40,000 square foot arena. With a budget of $21.1 million, renovation began in June of 2012. According to the press release, the renovation “provides Stony Brook with a new opportunity to build relationships within the community.”
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Alarms go off at West Side Dining

Caithlin Pena October 31, 2013
Since it first opened its doors to students this semester, West Side Dining has not exactly pleased students mostly due to the significant changes from the old Kelly Dining facility. In fact, compared to Old Kelly, West Side has already had quite a few alarms going off. Literally.
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SB Connect helps TLT connect

Caithlin Pena September 26, 2013
SINC sites are one of the most helpful aspects of Stony Brook. Students have a quota of free printing each week and they have access to the web for whatever they wish in between classes. But sometimes, printing or accessing the web may not be smooth sailing.
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New Residency Policies Receive Mixed Reactions

Caithlin Pena September 3, 2013
Along with the wide-eyed freshman and transfer students, Stony Brook University has many new features to offer the students this fall semester and the upcoming semesters. And for the residents of the dormitories, new rules and regulations have been imposed.
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Clubs on campus: what to expect from student organizations

Caithlin Pena August 26, 2013
Known as a large and diverse campus, Stony Brook University is the sort of place students--especially new students--may find to be intimidating, especially when it comes time to find a niche. But because of the university’s diverse student body, there are clubs that reflect diverse interests.
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Stony Brook Compliments holds hands and leaves love

Caithlin Pena May 8, 2013

Stony Brook Compliments has been known to spread love, happiness and acceptance throughout campus since it first launched as a well-liked Facebook page. On Wednesday, May 1 during Campus Life Time, it...

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