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“That Awkward Moment” lives up to its namesake

Brandon Benarba February 5, 2014
“That Awkward Moment” is named after a Twitter meme that has absolutely nothing to do with the film. It is a film that, on the most basic level, is a mess to the point where even the movie's few good aspects are brushed aside in favor of trying to be a romantic comedy for guys without the comedy.
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Winter holiday entertainment: Oscars and television

Brandon Benarba January 27, 2014
A lot of entertainment is released during the winter months, hoping to attract the attention of families gathered for the holidays, or even those who are trapped due to snowstorms. Because the amount of viewers is so great during the winter period, we see a lot of movies and new television become available for consumers to choose from. While it would be impossible to talk about everything that premiered, we have gathered some of the biggest premieres, which unfortunately vary in quality.
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Frozen warms hearts during the cold holidays seasons

Brandon Benarba December 2, 2013
“Frozen” is the 53rd animated feature to come from Disney, and it is easily one of the best. Based on the Hans Christian Andersen tale "The Snow Queen," the film tells the story of two sisters.
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“Sex, Politics and Tacos” event at The Bench raises awareness for Planned Parenthood

Brandon Benarba November 21, 2013
Sex, tacos and cheap drinks were the theme of Tuesday night at The Bench as Planned Parenthood hosted their “Sex, Politics and Tacos” event in an effort to raise awareness and money for the organization. Although the goal of the night was to supply everyone with a good time, speakers from Planned Parenthood and Stony Brook University’s Organization of Public Health were present to gather donations and talk about their mission.
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12 Years a Slave takes a hard look at the horrors of slavery

Brandon Benarba November 17, 2013
As we quickly approach Oscar season, “12 Years a Slave” will be the film to talk about. It is a gut-wrenching film that forces its viewers to witness the horror of our nation’s past. It is a cold and painful experience that is brought to life by raw, emotional performances from its two leads.
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Renowned violinist Midori returns to Stony Brook

Brandon Benarba November 11, 2013
The Staller Center for the Arts saw the return of the renowned violinist, Midori, this weekend for a Master class followed by a concert this past Sunday. Midori began studying the violin with her mother at an early age. She was invited to her first musical debut at the age of 11 at the New York Philharmonic’s traditional New Year’s Eve concert, which pushed her to beginning her career in music.
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The Liar follows a man who fibs his way to what he wants. (PHOTO CREDIT/ THEATRE ARTS DEPARTMENT)

“The Liar” aims to bring laughs to the Staller Center

Brandon Benarba October 27, 2013
Last month’s “Kimberly Akimbo” left the audience wondering what is next for the Theatre Department and the Staller Center. After the somber tone of the story of the girl who ages faster than most, the department aims to bring a new noise to the Staller Center: laughter.
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“Carrie” fails to live up to 70s reputation

Brandon Benarba October 23, 2013
“Carrie” is an almost scene-by-scene remake of Brian De Palma’s 1976 classic. De Palma’s “Carrie” is a horror masterpiece that still holds strong today, with two great lead performances and a scary final act. While the “Carrie” remake has a lot of talent, it fails to live up to the original film and to reach the level of a good movie.
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Captain Phillips fails to accurately depict true story

Brandon Benarba October 13, 2013
Paul Greengrass is a very polarizing director. His previous two films, “Green Zone” and “United 93,” covered the beginning and middle of the United States War on Terror and in a way, “Captain Phillips” is a spiritual successor to both of those films.
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Gravity visually stuns and takes your breath away

Brandon Benarba October 7, 2013
“Gravity” is a fantastic film that marks new technological advances in film while giving a simple, yet compelling narrative surrounding two strong characters. It is entertainment at its finest, and a film that deserves to be seen in IMAX 3D, as it was intended. “Gravity” will scare some and amaze others. It left me counting every breath once I left the theater.
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Insidious 2 brings new scares at the cost of new viewers

Brandon Benarba September 15, 2013
It is strange that “Insidious: Chapter 2” even exists, with director James Wan releasing a spiritual successor to the series earlier this year in “The Conjuring.” The first “Insidious” was a unique take on the haunted house genre that had a tightly knit story and believable characters. “Insidious 2” recaptures most of what makes for first film great, but at the cost of accessibility.
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Italian Film Festival 10th anniversary celebration fails to be a celebration

Brandon Benarba September 9, 2013
The Italian Film Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in Charles B. Wang Center to spread cultural awareness, but this year featured little change from the previous years.
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