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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quarantines best friend

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is quarantine’s best friend

Alexander Bakirdan April 2, 2020
If you’re looking for a way to spend your days indoors, or just need a distraction from the monotony and stress that is our current reality, buckle up because “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for Nintendo Switch, is the game for you. 
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The official poster for pixars new movie Onward. The movie came out on Feb. 29. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Onward” is a magical experience, but it falls short of the high standards that Pixar has set.

Alexander Bakirdan March 8, 2020
I’ve never been disappointed by a fun and enjoyable movie like this before, but the entire time I was watching “Onward,” it felt like Pixar was holding back on me.
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The official cover for Roddy Richs song The Box. Roddy Rich is the headliner for Stony Brooks spring Brookfest concert. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Roddy Ricch confirmed headliner for Brookfest 2020

Alexander Bakirdan February 26, 2020
Roddy Ricch is officially the headliner for this year’s Spring 2020 Brookfest concert on Apr. 2.
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The cover of Pop Smokes newest album Meet the Woo v. 2. Pop smoke PUBLIC DOMAIN

USG announces Brookfest artist reveal postponed in wake of Pop Smoke's death

Alexander Bakirdan February 19, 2020
In their statement, USG said that “this tragedy will postpone our artist reveal, and we will move forward with the process of choosing another artist.”
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Official poster for season 4 of The Good Place. PUBLIC DOMAIN

The Good Place is over and that's sad

Alexander Bakirdan February 9, 2020
I've watched a lot of TV shows over the course of my 22-year-old life. Some were good, some bad, some I loved all the way up until the end when all they had to do was stick the landing and instead they tripped and fell on their face (Looking at you “Game of Thrones”).
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The official poster of the second season of Sex Education. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Sex Education” second season continues to serve irresistible awkwardness

Alexander Bakirdan January 26, 2020
The second season of “Sex Education” shines in a way that only teenage angst and awkwardness can with some of its most heartwarming, gut-wrenching and shocking moments yet.
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Poster for Dark Waters starring Mark Ruffalo. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Dark Waters” delivers powerful message in the exhilarating true story of Rob Bilott

Alexander Bakirdan December 17, 2019
"Dark Waters” thrills in its nationwide release Dec. 6, with an undeniably excellent true story — and its impact reaches far beyond theaters.
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The covers of the Pokemon Sword and Shield video games. PUBLIC DOMAIN

“Pokémon Sword and Shield” among the best Pokémon games ever released

Alexander Bakirdan November 24, 2019
“Pokémon Sword and Shield” have recaptured the classic magic of “Pokémon Red and Blue,” the very first installments in the franchise.
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Borderlands 3 matches the chaotic fun of the first two installments

“Borderlands 3” matches the chaotic fun of the first two installments

Alexander Bakirdan September 22, 2019
“Borderlands 3” is back, and it brought with it all the things that made the series’s first two installments so beloved.
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It: Chapter 2 is a thrill ride that starts fast and doesnt slow down

It: Chapter 2 is a thrill ride that starts fast and doesn’t slow down

Alexander Bakirdan September 10, 2019
"It: Chapter 2” doesn’t pull any punches from the very beginning as the movie sets the tone quickly for what is a thrilling ride from start to finish. Now I feel I can’t discuss this movie properly without spoiling it a bit, so consider this a warning, there will be massive spoilers ahead.
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Poster for It: Chapter 2, that premieres in theaters on Sept. 6.PUBLIC DOMAIN

Need a break?!

Alexander Bakirdan September 1, 2019
Exciting things to watch when you’re not studying!
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Poster for comedian Ryan Hamiltons Netflix special, Happy Face. PUBLIC DOMAIN

Stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton coming to The Paramount

Alexander Bakirdan September 1, 2019
Stand-up comedian Ryan Hamilton is bringing his act to The Paramount in Huntington on Sept. 14. Hamilton — who put out the Netflix special, “Happy Face,” in 2017 — has never performed at The Paramount before.
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