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    Overheard on Campus: Oct. 8

    Carefully stepping over the sleeping bodies splayed out across the Staller lawns, students slurping down Starbucks and Ramen noodle soup still manage to get their two cents in between gulps in this week’s tasty tid-bits’hellip;..Overheard on Campus

    Girl #1: ‘Uh’hellip;ok’hellip;well, we have to go around this way, so where are you guys going?
    Girl #2: ‘I’m going to the Melville Library.’

    Girl #3: ‘I don’t know where I’m going’hellip; wait; did I drive to school today?’
    Giggling ensues

    –Three girls coming out of the Computer Science building
    Lost on Campus
    Girl #1: ‘Why are we going this way?’

    Girl #2: ‘I was following you. Where are you parked?’

    Girl #1: ‘I don’t know, I think I’m parked over there.’

    Girl #2: ‘If you’re parked over there, it’s quicker that way.’

    Girl #1: ‘Wait, am I parked over there?’

    Girl #2: ‘What are we doing?’
    Giggling ensues

    –Two girls cutting through the stadium parking lot Dumb and Dumber

    ‘There are only two people in my group, and we are both stupid.’

    –On line at Starbucks

    Odd, Curious and Cool
    Book store employee: ‘Excuse me, can I ask why you are taking pictures?’

    Male Student: ‘Uh’hellip;my mom has this book, and I was going to ‘hellip;(shows the employee the picture of the book on his cell phone) text her this.’

    Employee: ‘Uh’hellip;ok, just make sure that you don’t go around taking pictures of the whole store.’
    Judging by where he was standing at the table of books labeled, ‘Odd, Curious and Cool,’ his mom is either reading, ‘Twitter Wit,’ or, ‘Go Tweet Yourself.’

    –School Book Store

    Poor Kevin
    Guy #1: ‘I didn’t draw all of the intermediates’hellip;.’

    Guy #2 with Russian accent: ‘I know. I’m pretty sure I did this exercise not too pretty well.’
    Guy #1: ‘Instead of saying, ‘This is the hydro collapse phase,’ I said these are the intermediates for LIKE, everything. Did you see Kevin yesterday? Is he ill? I didn’t see him in class yesterday.

    Guy #2: ‘Yesterday, he was studying for the exam, and he was drinking 10 coffees.

    –In front of Humanities building

    The Night Prowler
    Girl #1: ‘He didn’t buy a flashlight, and I was so offended.’

    Girl #2: ‘Why?’
    Girl #1: (Emphatically) ‘Because, I’m here! I’m here, and he stayed in my room the past two nights.’

    –In front of the Student Union

    Gossip Girls
    Girl #1: ‘She was just saying too much, LIKE, ‘How can I get rich?’ and I’m LIKE’hellip;’
    Girl #1 & #2 simultaneously: ‘But that’s not the point!’

    –Crosswalk in front of Student Union

    Rebel without a Pause
    ‘hellip;.’and people are looking at me like I’m a criminal, and I’m LIKE, fine, but I’m not waiting around here for 20 more minutes.’

    –Waiting for a bus by the Engineering building ‘

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