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The Tea Party, Lies and Propoganda

I picked up The Statesman last week to come across an article written by Kevin Sabella, one of the founders of the Stony Brook Tea Party chapter. He wrote about how the Tea Party is concerned about big government and is not a partisan group. He named what  President Barack Obama has done and how wrong it is. The author wrote an article riddled with right wing talking points and extremely conservative views and tried to pass it off as moderate.

This can’t be allowed to happen when reality shows the Tea Party is a far right divisive group with heavy racial undertones. The Tea Party began to rise up in spring of 2009, a few months into the Obama presidency and on the cusp of the health care debate. This   probably isn’t a coincidence.

The Tea Party quickly began to hold protests against the health care bill and stimulus plan. They argued about how it was too much government overreach and spending.

Meanwhile, these people who were just so “concerned” about the national debt had not said a word under President Bush.

Under President Bush,  the debt multiplied incredibly. He never vetoed a spending bill and dumped $1 trillion on a pointless war in Iraq. During all of this, there was no Tea Party in sight. However, during the summer of 2009 they held protests all over the country, holding up signs saying President Obama is like Hitler and Stalin. Yet Mr. Sabella is telling us that the Tea Party are just concerned citizens and not partisan.

The majority of tea party candidates have made comments supporting the birther movement. The birthers say the President wasn’t born in this country and say he is a tribesman from Kenya. This isn’t just conservative, it’s racist.

Mr. Sabella and the Tea Party are completely hypocritical in their arguments. They say they are against the big bad government intruding in people’s lives.

Yet every, and I mean every, Tea Party candidate is strongly against abortion and gay marriage. How is telling a person who they can marry and what medical procedures they can have say anything about a non intruding government?

Mr. Sabella also talks about a whole list of things he perceives as unconstitutional. Besides the fact that he forgot about Bush’s warrantless wiretapping of American citizens, he attacked Social Security and the new health care bill as being unconstitutional.

First off, Social Security was always a program hailed from both sides as successful. Plus, there is no part of the Constitution it violates.

As to his rant on the downsides to national healthcare, this bill was not even close to government-run. This is a lie that the tea partiers spread that even they know is false. The bill kept health care completely in the hands of the private sector, only with more strict regulations.

Yet they all lie, accusing   Congress of communism. As for their attack on the stimulus plan, how do they know it hasn’t kept unemployment down? When President Obama took office, unemployment skyrocketed every month.

It has since stabilized. Granted ,it hasn’t gone down, but the rate of incredible job loss leveled off. When he took office, 800,000 jobs were lost per month; now, we have been creeping towards a steady growth in employment. This fact remains ignored.

How do we know unemployment wouldn’t be 12%, 13% now? Mr. Sabella attacked the $26 billion jobs bill as being a total waste, yet he said nothing about $700 billion in tax cuts for billionaires by Bush, as well as $1 trillion to blow up Iraq. For the icing on the cake, he then berates  the government for not doing enough about immigration.

Tea partiers seem to say: “Don’t interfere with my life, but go harass that guy who I think is illegal!” This is amazingly hypocritical and typical of conservatives.  Sabella, says the Tea Party is a peoples movement, yet  they are against giving people access to health care and extending unemployment insurance to those who are desperate. Doesn’t sound very “people” oriented to me.

However, if you need a rifle, I’m sure they’re your people! If anything can be learned, it is that the Tea party is the most far right political movement in American history. It is a 100% republican movement that has given America some of the most dangerous, divisive and downright insane candidates it has ever seen. They aren’t worried about big government. They are worried about progressive government.

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    BlakeOct 30, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Thank you, this is exactly what needed to be said.