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    Show Me the Paper!

    Have you ever wanted to print something in the Residential Computing Centersonly to be left disappointed because there was no paper for the printer? Ifyou have, you are not alone because this is a reoccurring campus-wide problemand something needs to be done to fix the situation.

    In a recent survey of all the Residential Computing Centers, only Baruch Collegein Kelly Quad had paper. Thus, even if a student were to walk from one computingcenter to another, there would be a very good chance that he or she would havejust wasted time because there is no paper.

    Where does this leave residents if they need to print a paper due the nextmorning? The Residential Computing Centers are open until 2:30 am on weekdaysand are the only place many students can go for computer and printer accessafter the Main Library SINC Site closes at 11 p.m.

    Any computing center without paper is pointless. Many students on campus havetheir own computer, but they leave their bulky printer at home. Thus, they relyon the computing centers for printer access.

    If there was no paper once in a while, then you cannot complain, but we aretalking about weeks at a time here. And after the new shipment of paper is usedup, the same thing happens. Thus, it is a recurring cycle that needs to be stopped.For example, the Cardozo Computing Center has gone three to four weeks withoutpaper, and it would not be surprising if it was the same at the other computingcenters.

    What is so hard about obtaining paper? There is definitely not a shortage becausethey never seem to run out in the library. Tell me where to get paper, and Iwill walk there and get some for the computing center. It takes so long forpaper to reappear in the computing centers you think they have to personallygo out, cut down a tree, and make the paper themselves.

    The problem seems to be a lack of organization and preparation. If each computingcenter had a nice supply of paper instead of a meager ream of paper, this problemwould be alleviated. If communication between each center and the person(s)in charge of the paper distribution were better, then maybe paper would be deliveredpromptly.

    Some might argue that students should not complain because there is no chargeto use the printer, but that argument is preposterous. I gladly pay to use thecopier machine, and I would gladly pay to use the printer, but there is no paperto print on. Furthermore, we already pay.

    Students pay tuition.

    Bottom line, the Residential Computing Centers need to have paper for the printers.When there is no paper available, the centers are occupied by very few students.If there is no paper, then there is no printer, and if there is no printer,many students are left out in the cold.

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