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    Q’A With Jim Fargiano

    Jim Fargiano lives in Quogue, N.Y. I was able to hold an interview with him in order to gain a deeper understanding of what his book is really about.

    Did you have a target audience in mind while you wrote your book?

    I really think the book came to be very nondenominational, especially for people who have lost a loved one. It just seems to encompass a whole lot. Obviously it covers different topics. It’s supposed to be all-inclusive.

    Your book reads more like it’s about validating people’s thoughts and experiences rather than trying to convert people who are unwilling to listen. What might you tell someone who is skeptical of mediums or religion in general to try to open their minds and read your book?

    I have people challenge me all the time. A lot of times they say that I’m working with the devil or against God’s will, and the Bible says this, that, or the other thing. Usually what silences them is when I ask them where a prophecy comes from, since the Bible is basically comprised of all prophecies, they say it’s somebody who’s gotten messages from God or from Jesus. And then I ask them if those people were seen as ordinary, normal day people back then, or were they already seen as saints? And usually, I get a lot of stammering and stuttering and they either just walk away from me shaking their head, or if it’s an e-mail situation, they just stop writing to me. I tell them that instead of judging me or making assumptions, why don’t they just read the messages? Most of the time when people are talking negatively, it’s because they haven’t ever actually read any of it.

    Some of your stories, especially that of One Feather’s actually relate what seem like realistic, real life events that occurred in these spirit’s past lives. Are these stories meant to be taken literally, or is there some figurative meaning to them? Such as One Feather and his communication with his wolf-companion?

    The way it comes through to me is that it definitely happened. Almost like how someone would train a pet or a police dog. The stories One Feather gives are the ones people seem to love. Not only is he talking as if we are with him, his stories are usually relevant to the way society is today. The general message is that assumptions and miscommunication are what usually get people into trouble. If we just open our minds and thoughts instead of being so judgmental, we’ll get a lot further in life.

    Furthermore, have any spirits ever related messages that conflict with what we think we know about past events and peoples? Have they ever named anything specific in regards to pending events ahead of time like Sept. 11 and 2012?

    In that book, no. They kept it more to inspirational type messages. They’ve absolutely given me stuff like that other times though. The problem I have is that messages like that never come in with any great clarity. I used to see the World Trade Center all the time with the bottom smoking, but I used to look at that like there would be another attempted attack like the one in ’93. They never showed the extreme outcome we saw in 2001.

    In retrospect to such events, when they mention them, they point not to the 3,000 people who died, but to the fact that 95 percent of the people in the towers and Pentagon survived. They mention it so nonchalant. To put it into more recent terms, with the plane that went down on the Hudson the other day, all you hear is that it’s a miracle, an absolute miracle, and I had that voice go off in my head when I was typing the other day that said, “You all call it a miracle, we call it a normal, everyday experience.” It stops and makes me think about how many times we are protected and don’t know about it.

    I thought the spirits had very distinct voices. When spirits like Saint Paul and Da Vinci appear to you and tell messages do they present themselves in the tone and vision that people commonly think of them as?

    Most of the time for me, no. I get different vibrations and an announcement of who they are. Almost like a subliminal ad that flashes for a nanosecond. They all have a distinct feeling. I channeled Saint Peter for the first time a few months ago, and it almost felt as if my body was vibrating off of the chair. I physically felt my body shaking. The only way I can describe it, was I felt like my voice was velvety. There’s just no way to put into words sometimes what I get.

    Do you have any plans to write any other books? If so, how might they connect back to your first book?

    I actually have two more in the works right now. The way it’s supposed to work is the second book I’m working on was supposed to be the first because that really explained more what I go through on a personal level and all my experiences. But they didn’t want that. They wanted the one with of the messages. When I started working on the second one, I also work on my blog and all of the sudden people started telling me that they want me to put those messages into a book. And then I’m getting the same message from higher up. So the third book’s actually more finished than the second book right now. I’m just trying to find time to get them both done.

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