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    Sticks and Stones

    I want to thank those who were gracious enough to leave comments on my article last week. To all the ‘Gabe Watchers’ I just want to say your comments didn’t fall on deaf ears. But I must say that your harsh name-calling was, to say the least, childish and uncalled for. It’s amazing when you talk about a touchy subject, those who believe a certain way can automatically write you off as a nut job for not seeing things the way they do. Take a good look folks because this is exactly what the American Civil Liberties Union and those who associate with them are trying to do. They proclaim free speech but when push comes to shove it’s only free speech when you speak the way they want you to.

    As I said in past articles I do not side with any political party. I’m an independent who wanted to shed light on a topic I thought was worth mentioning. Maybe some of you liked I, but from what I gather most of you didn’t and I want to say to those who didn’t:

    Cry me a river. Loosen your belts, rock yourselves to sleep and play the violin.

    When I write something I stir up emotions but that’s only because many people can’t deal with truth. What’s that old saying? The truth shall set you free? The ‘Gabe watchers’ didn’t even leave their names. That only tells me one thing. You’re cowards and you’re too afraid to speak what’s in your hearts for fear of being an outcast. But I’d rather be an outcast then go through life knowing I had an opportunity to share an opposing viewpoint and walk away with my tail between my legs. At least I have enough bravado to share my views with you and disclose my name. If you can’t handle it then, oh well, build the proverbial bridge and walk across it.

    This question is directed to Gabe Watcher numero uno. You said that NAMBLA is a twisted but a constitutional organization, they don’t condone lawbreaking and you can’t blame the whole shuhbang on two psychos who committed that horrible act against Jeffrey Curley. You admit that it’s a vile organization but do you believe they should even exist? Where are all the advocacy groups and picketers protesting this thing into oblivion? Where are the parents and teachers and the’hellip;ok’hellip;I will spell this out for all the people who do not understand the acronym’hellip;American Civil Liberties Union’hellip;(I say this because Gabe Watcher #2 needs things spelled out for him/her!)

    But in all seriousness, why aren’t they standing up to NAMBLA and demanding they close up shop? You’re right numero uno, you can’t blame anybody else for things that happen. I bet you’re the type of person who admires bloody video games and cursing hip-hop artists but detest anything with the word ‘God’ in it. You probably think it’s detrimental for young minds to grow up with a faith-based lifestyle, but seat them in front of a movie like ‘Saw’ and away they go to a little land of death and disturbance.

    They don’t condone lawbreaking? That is without a shadow of a doubt the most ignorant, contradictory thing I’ve ever heard. Well here in the United States I was sure that having sex with minors was ILLEGAL! That in and of itself is breaking the law to the fullest degree. I’d bet dollars to donuts you’d stand behind those ready to outlaw Easter but pledge your life to finding a way to import illegal immigrants without getting caught.

    Unfortunately the Catholic Church doesn’t have a clean record. It’s a shame that one bad apple spoils the bunch. Every church and every human being has their faults. That’s a fact. I’m sorry, facts offend some people so I’ll try not to bring any more up.

    On to Gabe Watcher #2. Oh where O’ where should I begin? Ok, let’s start with me. You’re right I’m not educated. I never graduated High School, I received my G.E.D’hellip;wait, wait, Mr./Mrs. #2 doesn’t like acronyms’hellip;I received my General Education Diploma (or Good Enough Degree) in 2000, I went to Suffolk Community college for about six months and never finished. I’ve been doing blue-collar work for most of my life and will probably be doing it the rest unless I find a genius to work for and clean up after.

    It doesn’t take brains or an education for that matter to understand basic 101 life problems. Why should NAMBLA have a right to speak sir/ma’am? Why shouldn’t every inhuman monster involved with them be arrested and sent to prison? Because that’s the world we live in today. We turn our heads from the good things in life and saturate ourselves with negativity that is destroying our nations children.

    When was I ever being deceitful or hateful? I’m sorry sir/ma’am, but I don’t run like that. If I didn’t know better (and I probably don’t due to my lack of education) you were the one slandering my name.

    I don’t subscribe to any political party because they are ALL at fault in some way. You said you weren’t going to waste your time on this ‘Idiotic Op-ed’ but it’s pretty clear you spent a good hour or so coming up with ways to defame and mock my beliefs. But I wouldn’t do that sir/ma’am. My mother raised me right. Thanks Ma’hellip;

    But heck, this is the field I’ve chosen. You’re gonna have your occasional good days and nasty people trying to stop others from sharing their thoughts, their interests and their values. If I offended you in anyway sir/ma’am you could come over my house and we could discuss Ted Haggard over a pitcher of lime flavored Kool-aid. [email protected]

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