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    More About the A.C.L.U.

    I’ll be honest with you guys. After reading my own article in Monday’s issue I found myself choked up. I had to come to terms with the fact that I now have a major responsibility. I’m responsible to my readers, to my friends and to all those who have been knocked down by the A.C.L.U.

    I have to stand for hundreds and maybe even thousands of people who’ve been burdened by the thought that they can’t express their freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and more importantly, their freedom to live the life they want to live without worrying about ‘Big Brother’ looking over their shoulders.

    It’s a sad day in this country when certain opinions and sentiments can’t be shared. It’s a crying shame when kids in Harrisonburg, VA try to hand out pro-life leaflets after school and are subject to disapproval by their principals. In a country that approves the killing of millions of innocent babies a year, one young man tried to break the mold and due his part in changing the minds of would-be abortionists. ‘ ‘

    Mr. Andrew Raker stood silent on the national Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity and prayed that someone would choose life over death, freedom over shackles. I wasn’t there when he performed this courageous act but I can say without any doubt that some young’ pregnant woman took notice, smiled and rubbed her belly. I will not doubt that she made a life altering decision to keep her baby.

    Thank God for the Alliance Defense Fund. They are the bullies who bully the biggest bully of them all. They are the Jedi to Darth Vader; they’re light to the darkness. They will not stand by and watch as our first amendment right is shredded into thin air. They will not sit back and let the government dictate what we can and can’t do as American citizens.

    I find it intriguing that in a world hypnotized by blood, gore, devils and imps, a person of authority would attack someone trying to stand up for his beliefs. Take this case for example: At the Willow Hill Elementary school in Philadelphia, a student was belittled by his teacher because he decided that he didn’t want to wear a costume for the school’s Halloween party because it went against his religious beliefs. This was one of those wear-what-we-tell-you-to-or-don’t-come-at-all type parties; keep in mind that this kid was only ten years old, not twenty, not fifteen, but ten. Instead of dressing up like Freddy Kruger he dressed as Jesus’hellip;I’m not sure if I would’ve had the guts to dress like Jesus but this kid decided that if he was going to join the act, then he would do it in a way that didn’t offend his family’s beliefs. In the end, the principal of the school demanded he change in to something less dramatic.

    Now that’s just silly. How can someone be picked on for doing what is right in his or her own eyes? It’s not like the kid was waving his Bible around or performing exorcisms. That’s the problem with the world today. If people don’t succumb to the values of this day and age then jeeze, they must be off their rockers.

    Before I start this paragraph I want to admit that I didn’t remember this horrific crime until I read about it in a book entitled ‘The ACLU vs. America’ By Alan Sears and Craig Osten. Which is an outstanding read and I’d encourage you to pick it up. Anyway, I’ve been going over some notes and scribbling away trying to make sense of what happened to a little boy named Jeffrey Curley. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of him, so I’ll try my best not to cry as I expand on my views about the A.C.L.U and its ferocious appetite to protect evil acts done to innocent people.

    Picture this. A beautiful October afternoon is unfolding and the fall air is making its way across the northeastern United States. The trees are turning a hundred different colors and all the children are brushing their teeth extra hard this month because free candy is almost on its way. It’s a time when families get together and huddle around fireplaces; it’s a time when little boys and girls are catching the bus to school to learn their ABC’s and 123’s. It’s a prelude to winter and the wonderful holidays that most of us look forward to with great expectation.

    But terror stalks the streets in this most wonderful time of year. Terror in a shape of two evil men dressed like regular humans.’ However, inside they are ravenous wolves seeking to devour others. Salvatore Sicari and Charlie Jaynes are out to do harm to a small boy of ten years playing innocently on the lawn of his Massachusetts home.

    Without second thought they viciously take the boy into their car. When he cries out, they muffle him with a gasoline soaked rag. When he begs for them to stop, they kill him. Then they rape him. They put him in a cement tomb and toss his poor little body in the crashing waters of the Great Works River.

    Guess where these two psychos went for help before planning this blasphemy? A little place on the Internet called the North American Man/Boy Love Association or NAMBLA. Yea, they actually have a web page dedicated just for pedophiles!

    Charles Jaynes was a member of NAMBLA for at least a year before killing little Jeffrey. I don’t know what’s more sickening, the fact that such a website exits at all or the fact that this monster built his courage from reading blogs on such a site. The site contained information on how to hide from authorities if one was ever caught having sex with a child, where to go and how to scam the banks in order to get money to flee the country!

    The parents of Jeffrey Curley went on to sue NAMBLA and the Internet Service Provider who provided NAMBLA with web space.

    Guess who came to the defense of NAMBLA? You guessed it, the good ol” A.C.L.U! The Massachusetts Legal Director of the A.C.L.U chapter John Reinstein said this about the crime: ‘Regardless of whether people agree with or abhor NAMBLA’s views, holding the organization responsible for crimes committed by others who read their materials would gravely endanger important First Amendment freedoms.’ That’s the great protector of America at its best.

    Did we all just hear that correctly? It would gravely endanger important First Amendment freedoms? What about Jeff Curley’s First amendment rights to grow up safe and in a loving environment! No, we live in a world where these pedophiles so easily walk among us!

    I was never one for the death penalty. I always felt that only the one who created us had the right to take life away. After reading about’ this case, however, I wouldn’t mind seeing those two fry in a chair. But no, they received life in prison and now we the taxpayers allow them to live comfortably in some cell while the family of Jeffrey Curley will never get over their loss. I dedicate this article to Jeffrey Curley and his parents.

    I’m sorry Jeff. I’m sorry that evil goes unpunished in this world. While you’re up in heaven, ask God to bestow forgiveness on us. Forgiveness for groups like the A.C.L.U that allow people like Salvatore Sicari and Charlie Jaynes to walk this earth and have the audacity to protect their right to live. But I ask you to remember to thank Him for organizations like the Alliance Defense Fund who work round the clock to redo what the A.C.L.U has so badly screwed up.’

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