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    The Red Riding Hood Effect

    We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I do only because it used to be my sister’s favorite book when she was a wee little baby, but now she’s too old for stories and is a hundred miles away.

    Don’t quote me but in the folktale I believe she encounters the wolf in her granny’s home and marvels at his huge eyes and toothy grin. Her innocent face looks across his beastly hands and then makes some sort of smart-alecky remark about those too. You may be wondering what the heck I’m talking about but you’ll see, just play along.

    Red begins to see the hunger in the Big Bad Wolfs twisted face. She’s starting to understand more and more what this crafty little creep is truly after. Against all her better judgments she decides to continue her inspection. When she lifts the covers on her dear grannies bed she makes an astonishing discovery. She expected to find two grotesque feet with four-inch toenails and a bad case of corns but alas! The only thing sitting in front of her is a pair of human feet. When she looks up, the person wearing the wolfs suit has pulled the mask off revealing a set of beady little eyes and a scruffy beard. Its hands are no longer furry and frightening but are replaced with two mechanical pointing fingers.

    That’s my deranged little analogy regarding what happened at Columbia University this past Monday when the powers that be allowed the President of Iran Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak on this great soil I like to call America. First off, I believe a bravo is in order for University President Lee Bollinger for stating the facts and calling him a ‘petty and cruel dictator’. How dare this man be allowed in this state let alone in this country? I laughed when I heard about his silly request to lay a wreath on ground zero. God forbid that monster lays one terrorizing foot on that beloved ground. I applaud the NYPD for telling him to take a hike.

    At first I was ashamed to hear that Columbia would even want to host this man. I mean jeez, they wouldn’t even let the Minutemen have an audience. But after hearing Mr. Bollingers opening speech I’ll be honest, I was kind of glad that he was airing Ahmadinejads dirty laundry on national television. I was jumping for joy because America got a good look at a wonderful storyteller. If you go back to the Brothers Grimm fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood you’ll see the beast trying to make himself out to be something other then what he really was; a power hungry, egotistical maniac.

    After listening to Mr. Mahmoud rant for a while about this and that I started seeing a little cartoon bubble over his head with these words gently bouncing around inside of it,

    ‘Blah, blah, blah’hellip;I don’t think the Holocaust really happened’hellip;blah, blah, blah’hellip;I hate Christians and Jews’hellip;blah, blah, blah’hellip;I support terrorists who kill Americans’hellip;blah, blah, blah’hellip;I think Israel shouldn’t exist’ and blah some more.

    I get annoyed at people who can’t answer simple questions with simple answers. I can’t stand when people avoid things and beat around the bush. I think he wanted to tell America how much he hates us. I think he was dying to show his true colors. He even had the audacity to act offended by Mr. Bollingers opening statement. He knew all the things Mr. Bollinger was accusing him of doing were true but then acts all holier-then-thou and starts complaining he was insulted. Truth is pal you’ve been offending your own people for two years. You’ve hated every race, religion and creed that doesn’t live up to your own standards. You made you’re bed, now lie down and shut up.

    Stony Brook, don’t lose sight of the fact that men like this can only hurt this country. They offer peace but hide knives behind their backs, they promise friendship but have one finger on the trigger. They’re wolves dressed up like sheep or worse, little old grandmothers.

    To Columbia, the next time you want an audience why not have Sandra Brown invoke Hitler’s spirit? He could give us all a lecture on social equality.

    Gabe Faraci

    [email protected]

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